There are many reasons why you might be failing at homeschooling in Ireland. While you should still focus on the core subjects, you should also focus on life skills education. If you are concerned about GCSEs, you can skip them. Instead, focus on life skills and less on GCSEs.


Learning objectives for homeschooling in Ireland

The term ‘schooling at home’ (SAH) has been used to describe a number of initiatives to provide alternative educational opportunities for children in Ireland. These initiatives largely involve parent-directed learning in the home, rather than a full-fledged replacement for regular school attendance. Parents in Ireland report varying levels of student engagement with SAH. In general, parental involvement and the use of collaborative pedagogies were cited as important predictors of student engagement. However, some parents reported that their children’s learning was not as consistent as in the traditional school setting.

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The study was conducted in the Republic of Ireland and used an online survey. It was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of NUIG. The research team recruited parents through the National Parents’ Council’s database, social media, and their own networks. The researchers contacted student respondents through the parents of the students.


Focus on core subjects

Homeschooling in Ireland is becoming increasingly popular as more parents opt to homeschool their children. While the state provides no support for home education, home educators in Ireland can join a support network that provides free books on home education and exchanges ideas. Some groups even have a library service for parents to borrow books about home education.


Focus on life skills

While your child should be taught the core subjects in elementary school, it is also important to focus on other important life skills that will prepare them for the future. You can choose to teach your child maths and English, or you can focus on other subjects, like PSHE, art, PE, and foreign languages. If you are not sure what to teach your child, here are some ideas that will help you choose the best curriculum for your child’s age and stage of development.

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For your child’s high school years, you should focus on teaching them the basics of driving. This is an important life skill, especially if they will have a job. It is also a significant milestone in their independence and responsibility.


Don’t worry about GCSEs

There are many reasons to homeschool your children in Ireland, and one of the best is flexibility. It gives your child more time to study subjects they are passionate about or areas that they are interested in. Schools and universities value specialised knowledge, and not every student will qualify with the same number of GCSEs. Don’t let this deter you from following your dreams.

Taking GCSE exams is an option for homeschooled students in Ireland. You can take your child to a local examination centre, which is usually a school or college. You’ll need to check which boards are available in your area before making your booking. Some exam centres require a fee to administer exams.

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Let go of the failed concept of responsibility

The concept of responsibility is a very common one in Ireland, but it is a misunderstood concept. The concept of responsibility can hinder parents’ ability to be effective educators. Let go of this concept and become a better educator. It’s an important lesson to learn in order to make your homeschooling experience a positive one for your children.