If you’re looking for where to find preschool equipment in New Zealand, there are several suppliers you can visit to find the right equipment for your preschool. Check out the list provided by the Ministry of Education or speak to a local Early Childhood Adviser to determine which types of equipment are necessary for your preschool. Other resources include modern teaching aids, Sense of Place for Wee Ones collection, and Playcentre Shop.


Modern Teaching Aids

The Modern Teaching Aids range of educational equipment and resources includes art and craft, mathematics, literacy resources, digital technologies, and development products. Their products are suitable for early childhood education and primary schools. They also offer kitset assembly services, which can ensure that the products meet safety requirements.

Interactive electronic whiteboards, or smart boards, are among the latest teaching aids. These interactive devices require a computer and overhead projector, as well as preloaded educational software.

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Playcentre Shop

Providing quality educational resources for children is the Playcentre shop’s focus. Run by generations of parents who enrolled their children at Playcentre, the store is focused on the tools that help children develop their confidence and learn. This includes educational equipment, books, and toys.

To ensure a child’s positive learning experience, Playcentre staff must hold a diploma in education or early childhood education. The Playcentre’s staff ratio is one adult to five or three children. This is considerably lower than the ratio in kindys, where the staff is one adult to fifteen children. Playcentres also provide free parent education, which is an NZQA-recognised programme.