Homeschooling is an option in Ireland, and you can register your child if you want to homeschool. There are some steps you need to take first, though and there are certain things that answer the question ‘what makes homeschooling a success in Ireland?’. First, you will need to register with the Education Welfare Services, part of the TUSLA, to officially start homeschooling.


Homeschooling is a cover for terrorism

Homeschooling is not a new concept in Ireland. The Irish constitution protects the right to educate children at home. Germany and France, on the other hand, have passed laws that prohibit homeschooling, citing fears over extremism. As a result, many French nationals have relocated to Ireland and are homeschooling their children.


It is a cover for freedoms

Homeschooling in Ireland is protected by the constitution, which makes it legal to educate your child at home. Homeschooling in Germany and France, by contrast, is restricted or even illegal. The reason for this restriction is because of concerns about extremism. As a result, many French nationals have emigrated to Ireland to homeschool their children.

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It avoids bullying

Homeschooling is often cited as an effective way to avoid bullying in schools. Research indicates that at least 20% of children in the United States are victims of bullying. Children who are exposed to bullying may feel less secure about themselves and their futures. However, homeschooling may not be the only way to protect your child from bullying.


It avoids exam pressure

Many parents choose to homeschool to give their children a more relaxed, stress-free environment. It can also be beneficial for children with special needs or those who may be bullied. A former trustee of the home-education charity Education Otherwise, Edwina Theunissen, explained that the benefits of homeschooling are many and include:


  1. It allows more time for community involvement: Homeschooling is legal in Ireland, with the right to educate your child at home enshrined in the constitution. While it is not required, many parents choose to replicate a school environment at home. Many meet-ups and social events are held for homeschoolers, and there are also Facebook groups dedicated to the cause.
  2. It is not expensive: Homeschooling in Ireland is legal, as long as parents comply with certain rules. The Irish constitution recognises parents as the primary educator of their children. It also says that all children must begin school by the age of six. Many parents choose to hire tutors or specialist teachers, and there are also online educational programmes available. However, the overall responsibility for education remains with the parent. Moreover, parents must register their children with the government’s Education Welfare Services, or Tusla.
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