Homeschooling is an excellent option for many reasons. It avoids socialisation at school, bullying and anti-intellectualism, and allows you to follow non-traditional pathways to TAFE. Homeschooling is also a much cheaper option than traditional schooling.

Homeschooling avoids school socialisation

While schooling your child in a conventional setting can provide many benefits, it can also lead to negative socialization. While it is impossible to avoid socialisation entirely, homeschooling provides opportunities to avoid negative socialization.

Avoids bullying

While bullying in schools is an unfortunate reality for many children, there are some ways to avoid it. One simple way to do this is by allowing your children to choose their own friends. This allows them to learn about social norms without being around strangers. Another way to avoid bullying is by developing empathy, which will help your child deal with conflict between kids.

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Avoids anti-intellectualism

The Australian Christian Academy study aimed to increase awareness about key issues facing homeschooling families. It also provided a platform for policy development on home education. A random sample of 10 per cent of families is reviewed each year to determine compliance with state registration criteria.

Is a legal alternative to traditional schooling

In Australia, more parents are choosing homeschooling as a viable educational alternative. Studies have shown that children educated at home outperform their conventionally schooled peers in a range of subjects, including reading, language, math, science, and social studies. Parents who homeschool their children also find the process of homeschooling to be less stressful, and they often enjoy a sense of community and belonging with other homeschooling families.

Is a smooth process

Homeschool registration in Australia takes a few steps, but is generally straightforward. Parents will need to submit an application form and complete a questionnaire via email. They must also provide ID documents and educational plans. Applicants will have three months to complete this process and present an educational plan to the Authorised Person. After that, they must apply for full registration 20 days before the end of the three-month period, completing an application form that includes a Parent Report.

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