What is the difference between kindergarten and preschool? Kindergarten and preschool are two of the most common options for preschool-aged children. However, they’re not quite the same. There are differences in Curriculum and Cut-off age. Keep reading to learn more about each type of preschool. Unlike kindergarten, preschool classes usually meet once or more per week.


There are many factors that parents need to consider when choosing a preschool for their child. For example, it is important to make sure that the staff in the preschool is British. There are also many international schools that offer British education in English, such as CIS International School, which has campuses in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Tashkent.



The curriculum for kindergarten in the UK is designed to prepare children for the next stage of their educational journey. The curriculum is structured in terms of ‘Key Stages’ which span the first five years of a child’s life. At the end of each key stage, teachers assess the child’s progress and write progress reports for parents.

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Cut-off age

The UK’s cut-off age for kindergarten is five years old. Most children will start primary school when they turn five years old. However, children may attend preschool before entering the public schooling system. These preschools are called nurseries and kindergartens. Playgroups are also operated in the UK, but they do not fall under the formal education system.


Differences between private and state-run kindergartens

Different kindergartens have different approaches. Some institutions are very informal, while others are more structured. Many kindergartens have two-and-a-half to three-hour days. During the day, children are engaged in activities such as playing, eating, and learning. In addition, children are encouraged to participate in group activities. Some kindergartens encourage children to participate in physical education, while others focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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Cost of admission to a leading British school from a UK kindergarten

It’s possible to apply for admission to a top British school during the same year that your child begins kindergarten in the UK. You’ll need to contact the local council and fill out an in-year application. If you get accepted, your child will start the following term. This process applies to England, Wales and Scotland. In Northern Ireland, you’ll need to submit an AP1 form, and you’ll typically hear back from schools within ten days.