Whether you are a parent looking for the top Kindergarten School in Rogersville, Alabama, or a preschool teacher, there is a school that stands out. Choosing the right school will ensure that your child will have the best experience.


Mars Hill Pre School

Whether you are looking for a daycare or a preschool, Mars Hill Pre School in Rogersville, AL might be a good option for you. This school is an established childcare provider and has a great reputation for teaching children. It is also close to schools, parks, recreational areas, and higher learning institutions. This school is ranked one of the top four kindergarten schools in Rogersville, Alabama.

Mars Hill School expects students to follow religious standards and conform to the school’s radical conservative views on women. The school has a very low percentage of female students. It is also very far behind in math and science. In addition, it has a low percentage of students who have graduated from high school. The school has an average-income family. The school is expected to conform to the church of christ’s religious standards.

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It is also important to note that the school is a member of the GreatSchools nonprofit organization, which is dedicated to providing parents with quality information about the best schools in the country. The organization also supports schools and communities working to improve the educational experience for all students.