Choosing a kindergarten school in Mount Vernon is important for parents because it gives their children a good foundation for learning. It’s also important to find a school that’s close to home. If you’re planning to move, take the time to find out the best kindergarten schools in your new location.

Calcedeaver Elementary School

Located in a rural part of Mobile County, Calcedeaver Elementary School is one of the top kindergarten schools in Mount Vernon Alabama. The school is known for its tight connection with the community. Officials work to gather feedback from the community to make the best decisions for the school.

The school has an active academic program that covers math, language, culture, and geography. Students are also involved in the early advantage program, which teaches reading and writing. The program includes learning about phonemic awareness and phonetic skills, phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. Students also participate in a choir, drama, and science club.

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The school has a year-round preschool program for children ages three to six. Students also participate in intramural sports such as lacrosse, dance, and archery. The school also participates in the Partners in Education program, which helps the school develop relationships with businesses.

The school has a special services program for students with developmental delays. The program is designed to help students succeed.

The school has a strong focus on sustainability and personal awareness. It also teaches students to be tolerant of others and respect diversity.

The school also boasts several statewide honors. It was named a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education in 2006. The school also participated in the federal Reading First program. The program is designed to give students frequent assessments of their reading skills. In 2011, the school received the Dispelling the Myth award from the Education Trust.

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