Whether you have a child who is about to start kindergarten or just looking for a school that’s not too far from home, there are four great kindergarten schools in Tuscaloosa to choose from. The schools in this article are Rock Quarry Elementary School, Southview Elementary School, Skyland Elementary School, and Martin L King Junior Elementary School.


Martin L King Junior Elementary School

480 students are enrolled at Martin L King Junior Elementary School. It is a public school with an enrollment of mostly low-income students. The school has retained 32 teachers over the last five years. It is not surprising that the school has a lower-than-average proficiency rate in reading and math. The school also has a small percentage of Hispanic students.

The school has a mammoth oil painting of King. The school also has a year-long project that will help students replicate the miles that King walked in famous marches. The school has an impressive list of alumni. Some of these graduates have made their mark in the entertainment industry. Aside from acting as dancers and directors, alumni of the school have also appeared in major motion pictures.

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The school also boasts a fancy-pants administration and snazzy-looking grounds. The school has been a leader in the community, especially in the arts. In particular, the school has an impressive music program.


Rock Quarry Elementary School

Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Rock Quarry Elementary is a school with a lot to offer. This Kindergarten-5th grade public school enrolls more than 500 students. Besides the classroom, the school also provides extracurricular activities.

The school boasts an honors program for students who show advanced proficiency. It’s also home to the Strings in Schools program, which prepares students for youth orchestra.

It’s also home to the Rock Quarry’s impressive list of curricular programs. Some of the fun activities the school has to offer include cultural arts day and field day. The school also offers free breakfast and lunch during the summer months.

The school’s student-teacher ratio is 16:1 and it spends an average of $13,510 per student. The school also has a student population that has grown by 6 percent over five years.

The school’s name is a mouthful. A better way to say it is that Rock Quarry Elementary School is one of the top 4 kindergarten schools in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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Skyland Elementary School

Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Skyland Elementary School is a public school that serves kindergarten through fifth grade. The school’s student population has grown by 9% over the past five years. Its academic curriculum includes math, social studies, science, and art specialists. It also has a library and counselors. Its budget is $13,510 per student.

The school was established in 1884 as the Tuscaloosa Municipal School District. Its first year had 247 white students and 173 black students. After Brown v. Board of Education, the district was still segregated. Eventually, the district grew to 13,500 students. However, the district remained segregated until 1969. It had two high schools, three middle schools, and two elementary schools.

The school was one of the top-performing schools in the district. It was ranked in the bottom 50% of schools in Alabama for overall test scores and reading proficiency. However, the percentage of students achieving proficiency in math is lower than the state average.


Southview Elementary School

Among the 12 elementary schools in the Tuscaloosa City School District, Southview Elementary is the fourth highest performing. It has a relatively large minority enrollment with 96% of students being of color. In the past five years, the school’s student population has grown by 11%. In addition, the school has received funding for improvements through state and federal bond issue funds, as well as ESSER funds. These improvements will allow the school to increase its capacity, making room for more students.

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Southview Elementary School has a 30% proficiency rate in reading and language arts. The school also has a 30% proficiency rate in math. This is lower than the state average of 45%. It also has a high rate of suspensions, which means less time for teaching and learning. The school’s suspension rate is higher than the national average. It also has a low proficiency rate in science and social studies.

This school is also ranked in the bottom 50 percent of all schools in the state for overall test scores, reading proficiency, and math proficiency. The school’s ratings are based on additional metrics when available.