Those of you in the Alabama area will be pleased to know that there are three kindergarten schools in Selma to choose from. These schools are Payne Elementary School, Edgewood Elementary School, and Meadowview Elementary School.


Meadowview Elementary School

During the 2018-19 school year, Meadowview Elementary School placed in the top half of the schools in Alabama for overall test scores, reading/language arts proficiency, and math proficiency. For the past four years, the school has gained proficiency in all academic areas.

The school has also adopted a program called “Character Counts!” to encourage positive student behavior. The school’s lunch supervisors and class teachers reward students for appropriate behavior. Students can also earn Mustang awards. Mustangs are given out to students who show good behavior. These awards are displayed on a bulletin board near the cafeteria. These awards are based on student behavior and are given to students regularly.

Meadowview Elementary School has a strong focus on environmental education. The school is recognized as a Project Learning Tree School. The school’s environmental education program was developed by Janice Stewart. It has also been adopted by several state natural resource agencies and natural resource associations.

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Meadowview Elementary School is part of the ABCDE (Alabama Basic Curriculum Development and Evaluation) schedule. The school has 13 full-time teachers, eight of which are certified teachers, and a highly qualified paraprofessional staff. The school spends $10,109 per student. In addition, the school has access to a Title III-funded program that provides instruction to parents of students who are not proficient in English.


Edgewood Elementary School

Located in Selma, Alabama, Edgewood Elementary School serves pre-kindergarten through grade five. It is governed by the Selma City Schools, which also operates middle and high schools. In the past five years, the school’s student population has grown by a whopping 22 percent. This, despite high suspension rates, means less time is spent teaching and learning. The school also offers several other amenities to its students including a media center, library, and tennis opportunities. The school also offers several classes in fine arts and offers special education services for children with learning disabilities.

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The school also offers special education services for gifted students, including gifted and talented education. During the 2018-19 school year, Edgewood Elementary School had 19 full-time teachers. The school’s average per-student spending is the lowest in the Selma City School District. In addition to the usual suspects, the school offers opportunities in the arts, including classes in music and theater. The school also boasts an impressive media center, which houses several educational videos and programs.


Clark Elementary School

Located in Selma, Alabama, Clark Elementary School is one of three kindergarten schools in the district to receive the distinction. This elementary school is a member of the Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation and boasts 12 full-time teachers. At the school, the student population has decreased by 47% over the past five school years. While this may not be a huge change, it is an improvement over the past three years.


Payne Elementary School

Founded in 1884, Payne Elementary School is a Selma Alabama school that provides learning opportunities for students from pre-kindergarten through grade five. In addition to classes in English, math, and science, the school also provides classes in social studies, art, and physical education. The school also has special education programs for gifted students.

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The school day begins at 8:45 am and ends at 3:15 pm. Students are dismissed by their parents or guardian on record. The school also operates a flag committee, a tennis tournament, a geography club, and a parent-teacher organization. The school also offers a free breakfast for students.

Payne Elementary School has 12 full-time teachers. Students are required to wear a navy blue or white top with a dark blue Payne shirt for field trips. In addition, students are required to wear the school uniform from Monday through Thursday. Payne Elementary School takes daily attendance very seriously. If a student misses school, parents/guardians must contact the school before 10:00 am. They must also provide a note explaining the absence. This note must include the parent’s signature.