Choosing among the best kindergarten schools in Phenix City for your child is an important decision. It is important to find a school that will give your child the best possible education so that they can grow up to be successful in school and life.


Success Academy

Located in Phenix City, Alabama, the Success Academy is a public school with a small number of students, but a high-quality learning environment. The school boasts a higher-than-average student-to-teacher ratio. The school has a state-of-the-art facility with a modern gym, library, and classrooms.

The school’s website states that the school provides a “high-quality education through innovative teaching, rigorous learning experiences, and the support of parents, community, and staff.” It also boasts an above-average number of state and federal funds.

The school boasts an impressive number of award-winning teachers. Despite its small student count, the school boasts one of the highest student-teacher ratios in the state. Its academic offerings include grades PK-8 and a postsecondary school for those who want a career change. The school is also known for its commitment to diversity, with students of color comprising nearly half of the student body.

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The most impressive fact is that the school’s motto is to “empower every child to be a lifelong learner.” The school has achieved this mission with the help of a dedicated staff of teachers, administrators, and counselors.


Westview Elementary School

During the last five years, Westview Elementary School has seen a steady growth of 8%. The school is the second largest among the six elementary schools in the Phenix City School District. It has an enrollment of 358 students.

Westview Elementary School’s student-to-teacher ratio is 12.9%. The school has a diversity score of 0.46. The school is designed to create responsible citizens who are ready for future challenges. Its teachers make learning fun and exciting for all students.

The school has an overall spending average of $9,551 per student. It employs 38 full-time teachers. It is a co-ed school. The school seeks excellence for every student. The school is a partnership with students, families, and the community. If you have any ideas for improvement, please share them with the school.

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Ridgecrest Elementary School

Located on the west end of Phenix City, Alabama, Ridgecrest Elementary School is an institution worth checking out. With a student body of 728, the school employs 43 full-time teachers. The school also has an impressive budget of $8,520 per student, which is the same as the state average.

Ridgecrest Elementary School is not without its drawbacks, however. Its overall test scores are not quite on par with its peers. This is due to high suspension rates, which means less time for instruction and learning. The school also has an average student-to-teacher ratio of 17:1.

Ridgecrest Elementary School is not the only school in the Phenix City area to tout its trinity of merits. The Phenix City School District also includes Guyandotte Elementary School at 607 Fifth Avenue. The school has a small, but dedicated student body and a well-appointed campus. This school also has an impressive fall season, which includes a free health fair on October 20.

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Meadowlane Elementary School

Located in Phoenix City, Ala., Meadowlane Elementary School serves kindergarten to fifth-grade students. It is a part of the Phenix City School District. It offers a variety of enrichment classes to meet the needs of each child. The school is STEM Certified by Cognia. It provides Title I programs since 1995. It has a 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

Meadowlane Elementary School is staffed with 14 teachers. These teachers include an instructional aide, a media specialist, a guidance counselor, and a speech therapist. The school also has a special education teacher.

Meadowlane Elementary School is part of the Phenix City Public Schools system. The district operates elementary, middle, and high schools. It was the first school district in Phenix City to elect a school board. The district’s school board is now composed of seven members. Each member is elected by the citizens of Phenix City. There are two representatives from each of the city’s three voting districts. One of those representatives is the school board president.