Whether you are looking for one of the best kindergarten schools in Enterprise, Alabama, or looking to find one for your child, there are plenty of options to choose from. Below are four schools you might want to consider, including Enterprise Early Elementary School and Rucker Boulevard Elementary School.


Enterprise Early Elementary School

Located in the small city of Enterprise Alabama, Enterprise Early Elementary School has become one of the top 4 kindergarten schools in Enterprise Alabama. In addition to its kindergarten program, the school has many after-school clubs and activities that children can enjoy. These include the Robotics club led by Mrs. Flench, foreign language immersion for Spanish, and a 4th-grade strings program. This school also has the second-highest average per-student spending in the Enterprise City School District.

Enterprise Early Education Center is a small school, serving 408 students. The school has a student-teacher ratio of 19:1 and a diversity score of 0.62. Over the past five years, the student population has declined by 33 percent. However, the minority population has remained relatively flat.

The school’s mission is to provide students with a safe environment in which they can grow, learn, and develop. This mission is achieved through the efforts of many educational leaders and partners. This school also has a foreign language immersion program for Spanish, a 4th-grade strings program, and many after-school activities.

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Holly Hill Elementary School

Among the plethora of kindergarten schools in Enterprise Alabama, one stands out as the best of the bunch. During the 2018-2019 school year, Holly Hill Elementary School placed in the top 20% of all schools in Alabama for reading and math proficiency. Additionally, the school boasts one of the lowest average per-student spending in the Enterprise City School District. The school employs 38 full-time teachers.

Although the school doesn’t boast the largest student population in the district, the school has seen a decrease in numbers over the past five years. If you include all kindergarten schools in the district, the student population is down by 8%. However, it’s worth noting that many districts have only one school. This demonstrates that the Enterprise City School District is doing a great job of fostering a positive learning environment for children.

Although the school doesn’t have the largest student population in the district, it does boast the largest percentage of minority enrollment in the district. This is a good thing because the state average is only 47% minority enrollment. In addition, the school boasts one of the largest percentages of students achieving proficiency in math and reading/language arts.

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Pinedale Elementary School

Among the top four kindergarten schools in Enterprise Alabama, Pinedale Elementary School has several advantages over its competitors. One of these advantages is the fact that it is ranked within the top 20% of all schools in Alabama for the year 2018. This means that Pinedale Elementary School has a higher percentage of math and reading proficiency than the average school in Alabama. This is a great thing since these skills are key to success in the modern world.

Another advantage is that the school’s students can benefit from the ASES (Alabama Statewide Educational System) after-school program, which focuses on preparing students in first through sixth grade for success in the classroom. This program helps students to become more proficient in math and reading and to become more engaged in the school’s learning environment.

Aside from the obvious advantages, Pinedale Elementary School is also committed to providing its students with a positive school culture. The school’s Student Council encourages students to SOAR. This is a great way to encourage students to participate in the school’s extracurricular activities.

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Rucker Boulevard Elementary School

EPA is an amazing school that I would highly recommend. It’s an accredited Christian school that is committed to providing student excellence in learning. The teachers are loving and kind, and they are family-friendly. They are professional and they have decades of experience. They are not afraid to live out Godly principles in front of their students. They provide a curriculum that is excellent and exceeds expectations. They are an excellent alternative to public schools.

The Rucker Boulevard Elementary School is ranked within the top 50% of all 1,263 schools in Alabama for the 2018-19 school year. The school ranks highly in the areas of reading proficiency, overall test scores, and student: teacher ratio. In addition, the school’s average per-student spending is the highest in the Enterprise City School District. It has a relatively low diversity score of 0.68. Over the last five years, the school has declined by 13 percent.

The Rucker Boulevard Elementary School also ranks within the top 50% of the state in terms of the percentage of students who are proficient in reading and math. In addition, the school’s student: teacher ratio is 23:1, which is higher than the state’s average of 17:1.