There are many reasons to homeschool in New Zealand, and the reasons vary from person to person. Some parents do it because they want to give their children a more individualized education, while others do it to help their children develop academically and socially. Parents who decide to homeschool in New Zealand should make sure they understand the National Curriculum and the requirements for the NCEA examination.


Homeschooling in New Zealand Offers Flexibility

Flexibility as a reason to homeschool is a great selling point for families who are considering homeschooling their child. New Zealand’s Ministry of Education has a number of programs to help families with their educational needs. For example, the Ministry offers free access to the New Zealand Curriculum. There are also community libraries that feature fiction, reference books, and educational journals from the latest publishers. Families who wish to homeschool can also find one-on-one tutoring through organizations such as Cluey.

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In New Zealand, it is perfectly legal to homeschool your child. It is important to note, however, that homeschooling is still an alternative method of education, and parents must seek an exemption from the Ministry of Education before they can begin homeschooling.


There is no Peer pressure

Homeschooling in New Zealand, also known as home education, is a popular option for parents looking to provide a better education for their children. There are many reasons why a parent may decide to homeschool, from religious beliefs to special needs. Peer pressure is also a major concern for many parents.

Homeschooling offers more freedom than attending a regular school, as you are able to set your own timetable and do not need to worry about getting to school on time. Additionally, you do not have to compete with other children and worry about your child losing his or her school supplies. And you’ll have more time to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays without the added pressure of socializing with others.

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Children Get Hands-on learning

Some parents choose to homeschool their children as a means of providing them with a holistic educational experience. Whether you’re looking for an exciting environment for your children to learn, or you want to give them a more personal approach to learning, homeschooling in New Zealand is an excellent option.

The law in New Zealand supports homeschooling and provides a small government allowance to parents. As of 2021, 8306 children are registered to homeschool in New Zealand, making up over 1% of the student population. Homeschooling has been a viable alternative to public school education since the 1970s, and its numbers have remained relatively stable. However, following the Covid pandemic in 2016, the number of students homeschooled in New Zealand increased dramatically.