Choosing kindergarten schools in Sylacauga for your child is an important step, especially if you want the best education for your child. With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide on the right one. Here are a few of the top kindergarten schools in Sylacauga, Alabama.


Indian Valley Elementary School

Valley Elementary School is a private K-12 institution serving the surrounding towns and neighborhoods. It has a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1, one of the lowest in the state, and is touted as a top-notch school by its peers. The school has won several national competitions for its excellence in education and was a finalist in the recent Tri-State Best Practices Contest.

Although the competition was stiff, Valley Elementary came out on top and was the only private school to place in the top five for the coveted state title. The school also boasts the state’s lowest per-pupil expenditures, a surprisingly large number for a school of this size.

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The top tier of the tri-state award consists of six finalists, each vying for the prestigious title of state’s best school. The finalists were announced at the recent Alabama Association of School Boards annual convention. The finalists were chosen based on their performance on the most comprehensive testing of schools in the state. Unlike many states, the schools were judged based on their academic performance, not on student disciplinary measures, which is a win for everyone. In addition to the test scores, the state’s highest-ranked schools are required to participate in several work-based learning programs, including the state’s high school apprenticeship program and a summer camp for high school students.


B B Comer Elementary School

Amongst the dozens of kilobytes worth of data on file, Bb Comer is a solid albeit not stellar performer. The school claims to have a student population of 498 in grades pre-k through six. The perks include an enviable free lunch program and a swanky campus with a veritable slew of amenities. The campus has a whopping six banks to choose from. This may or may not be a harbinger of good luck but a well-stocked bank is a happy banker. The school has a slick front office and the usual suspects of the student body. The perks also include an athletics aficionado and a plethora of clubs and activities to choose from. The school has a solid academic track record in the classroom and extracurriculars ranging from dances to clubs to after-hours excursions.

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Knollwood Christian School

Sacred Heart Preparatory School is a private school that serves approximately 150 students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. They use a Responsive Classroom program to help students develop thinking and communication skills.

They also teach respect for others, community involvement, and personal awareness. The school also hosts guest speakers in various professional fields. Students go on several field trips throughout the year. They also participate in the school newspaper and essay writing contests.

The school also provides competitive athletics in lacrosse, cheerleading, and tennis. They also offer a year-round preschool program.

The curriculum is interdisciplinary and incorporates technology. Students also learn to use iPads and computers. They also take classes in music, art, and science.

Students also have opportunities to take private music lessons. Students can choose an instrument to play in the large choir. They also have the opportunity to choose to study a foreign language. They can also take part in a band. They can also take part in intramurals in dance, lacrosse, and yoga.

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The school also offers a Special Services Program for students with developmental delays. The program aims to help each student succeed. Students are also given standardized tests to measure their learning.

The school also has an Outdoor Exploration Center where students learn about ecosystems and the world. The students also learn to cultivate organic plants and harvest them. They also go on age-appropriate field trips.