Whether you are looking for elementary schools or kindergarten schools in Springville for your children, there are many options to consider. Here is a list of some of the best options in Springville, Alabama.


Springville Elementary School

Located in Springville, Alabama, Springville Elementary School is an overcrowded institution with a student body of 896. The school needs reconstruction. The floors are covered in decades of detritus. The ceiling is painted with white flakes. A coal-fired furnace is still in the basement. However, the stove is no longer in operation.

A new principal has taken over the school and made some changes. The school is now a much more organized and safer place. The school has also had some renovations. One of the changes includes purchasing windows for the school. There is also a plan to install assembly halls and meeting rooms. The school is an excellent facility, but the student body is overcrowded and some teachers have an off-putting attitude.

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The school is also overcrowded with a third-grade class in the music room. There are 6 portable classrooms in the school. The school also has a library that has been converted into two classrooms. There are also tons of activities in the school. The student body is very respectful.


God’s Kids Preschool

Founded in the year 2000, God’s Kids Preschool is a small for-profit business located in Springville, Alabama. The school offers a small number of programs but mainly focuses on providing preschool and kindergarten students with a learning environment that fosters an “I can” attitude and promotes a love of learning. The school’s early childhood teachers are experts at preparing developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

God’s Kids Preschool is located at 9505 Petersburg Rd., Evansville, IN 47725. The school is open from Tuesday through Friday. The school is located inside The Well, a United Methodist Church. The school is also a part of the All God’s Children’s Before and After School Program. The school was also a runner-up in the best small businesses category on the local listings website. The school’s annual revenues are estimated to be around $111,458. The school is home to five employees and four more are on call. This is a small business with big ambitions.

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The company aspires to be the best preschool in the region. The company’s motto is “To serve you, our community, by providing the highest quality learning experiences through a variety of programs that encourage academic achievement and develop a love of learning.” It is worth a look at their website and social media profiles.


Heritage Independent School

Heritage School is a co-educational independent day school that believes in empowering its students to succeed both academically and in life. The school aims to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in life and the classroom and to help them become responsible, well-rounded members of their community. The school is a member of the Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools and the Georgia Association of Independent Schools. Its staff is dedicated to holistically disciplining its students.

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The Heritage School boasts a 97 percent graduation rate, and most graduates attend four-year colleges. The school efficiently uses its resources to keep tuition costs down for its students and their families. Its teachers are among the best in the state, and they can impart a variety of learning techniques to students of all ages. This includes teaching them to be problem solvers, as well as model citizens.

The school also has one of the most impressive libraries in the state, with thousands of books available for students to borrow. The school also has an extensive music program, with several choirs and orchestras, as well as a full band. The school has also recently been awarded accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Georgia Association of Independent Schools.