Whether you live in Alabama or you are planning to move there soon, there are several Kindergarten schools in Smiths Station to choose from. Here are a few of the top choices in the area.


East Smiths Station Elementary School

Among all the elementary schools in Smiths Station Alabama, East Smiths Station Elementary School stands out for its math proficiency, reading proficiency, and student/teacher ratio. The school is in the top 30% of all Alabama schools for all three.

The school’s math and reading proficiency are slightly higher than the state averages. However, the school’s diversity score has remained flat for the last five years. This is not necessarily a good thing because schools in districts with a large percentage of students of color receive significantly less support than their peers in similar districts.

The school’s student/teacher ratio is a reasonable 17:1, which is about average for public schools in Smiths Station. This number is even more impressive when you consider that the school has a student population of 792. The school also has a total budget of $8,737. The school has 48 full-time teachers. The school also has an annual hair donation for children with hair loss, a nice touch. The school has been the recipient of 17 projects funded through DonorsChoose.com, a site that is arguably the best place to find classroom funding.

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The school also has a crisis hotline, 988. This is not a small feat because there are over twenty thousand residents in Smiths Station and most of them work in other towns.


West Smiths Station Elementary School

Located in Smiths Station, Alabama, West Smiths Station Elementary School is a public school that offers a wide variety of academic programs. Its curriculum includes foreign languages, fine arts, computer technology, social studies, and physical education. It is also home to several clubs and activities, including roller racers, softball, and bowling.

The school has 847 students, with a student/teacher ratio of 17.3:1. It is part of the Lee County School District, which is located in central east Alabama. The district is made up of 14 schools, which serve a total of 9,738 students. The school system is composed of four unique attendance zones.

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The Smiths Station attendance zone is located in the southeastern part of the county and is home to Fort Benning. It is also close to Columbus, Georgia, and Phenix City, Alabama. The city of Smiths is also home to BRAC realignment, which is scheduled to be completed in 2011. The city has a population of over 25,000. The city has few manufacturing and industrial sites. Most of the residents work in neighboring cities, such as Columbus, Georgia.

Smiths Station is home to a junior high school and a freshman center. It is also home to several colleges, including Troy University-Phenix City and Tuskegee University. The city also has a strong discipline rate.


South Smiths Station Elementary School

Located in southeastern Alabama, Smiths Station is a suburb of Columbus and Phenix City. The town has an estimated population of over 25,000. Most residents work in nearby cities, but industrial sites can be found in the area. The town is also home to Fort Benning, which is part of the BRAC realignment. This area is home to 5 elementary schools, a freshman center, and a high school.

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There are two middle schools in the area. One is a 9-12 freshman center, while the other is a 10-12 junior high. There is also a 7-8 junior high. The school has been approved to build a new elementary school. The new elementary school will serve students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade.

The school system in Lee County is located in central East Alabama. The Lee County School System has a total of 14 schools, including two middle schools and five elementary schools. The school system is located along the Alabama/Georgia border and serves nearly half of the county’s school-age population. There are four unique attendance zones within the Lee County School System. The student population is fairly evenly spread, with one zone serving the entire county and the others serving parts of it. This area is also home to the College Success Award, a program that recognizes schools that have a stellar record of getting students to college.