Choosing the right kindergarten schools in Semmes for your children is an important decision. There are several factors to consider, including cost, location, and school curriculum. This article will provide you with information on three of the top kindergarten schools in Semmes, Alabama.


ABC Kindergarten

ABC is the only place where your children will have fun while learning the nuances of life’s finer points. ABC boasts an excellent curriculum, excellent facilities, and an excellent faculty. It is also the only pre-school to offer a full daycare program for students aged three and up. ABC’s staff is friendly and well-equipped to provide your child with the utmost care. ABC also has an excellent after-school program for students aged five to eight. Despite the challenges of the past, ABC Pre-school is a thriving institution. ABC is currently a leading statewide preschool provider and offers one-on-one and small-group learning programs. ABC Pre-school is a fun place to be and an excellent place to spend the day.

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Semmes Elementary School

Located in western Mobile County, Semmes, Alabama, is an incorporated city. It covers 2,100 acres. It is part of the Mobile metropolitan statistical area. It was previously an unincorporated town. It was incorporated on May 2, 2011.

Semmes Elementary School serves 520 students in grades Pre-K through 5. The school is part of Mobile County Public Schools. It has 33 full-time teachers. In the last five school years, the student population has stayed relatively flat. However, the number of students in the minority group has dropped significantly. The student-to-teacher ratio is less than the Alabama state average.

During the past five school years, Semmes Elementary School placed in the top 30 percent of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores and reading proficiency. It also placed in the top 20 percent of schools for math proficiency.

As of the 2018-19 school year, Semmes Elementary School is ranked in the top 30 percent of all 1,263 schools in Alabama. The rankings are based on test scores and other available metrics. The student population has decreased by 17 percent in the past five school years.

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The number of students in the minority group at Semmes Elementary School is 26%. Despite the declining number of students, the school has stayed in the top 30 percent of all schools in the state for overall test scores and reading proficiency.


Allentown Elementary School

Located in Semmes, Alabama, Allentown Elementary School serves 748 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. This school is part of the Mobile County Public Schools system. Aside from providing quality education, the school also works in conjunction with the community.

Allentown Elementary School has a student population that has decreased by eight percent over the past five years. This means that teachers and students have less time to spend on instruction. Despite this, the school has been ranked within the top thirty percent of schools in Alabama for overall test scores. The school is also ranked within the top fifty percent for reading proficiency.

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The school’s programs focus on five core areas. These include education, health, arts, sports, and life skills. They also focus on character development.

The school boasts facilities such as a media center, art rooms, science laboratories, and a multipurpose room. In addition, the school employs forty-five full-time teachers. Aside from providing quality education, the school also offers speech therapy. These facilities allow the school to work in partnership with students and families.

The school also boasts an impressive percentage of students who have achieved a higher level of proficiency in math. The school’s math proficiency percentage is higher than the state average. This statistic is especially impressive when you consider that the state’s average is 47%.