Choosing kindergarten schools in Satsuma can be an important decision. You want to find the best one for your child. It will help your child grow up to be a happy, healthy, and smart person. It will also help your child learn how to communicate.


Robert E Lee Elementary School

Located in the city of Satsuma, Alabama, Robert E Lee Elementary School is a public school serving 766 students in Pre-K to 6th grade. The school is ranked within the top 20% of all schools in Alabama for reading proficiency, math proficiency, and overall test scores. Among the school’s many benefits are an outdoor playground, a science lab, and an art studio. The school also offers students opportunities to grow into future leaders.

The school’s writing improvement has been commended by President Bill Clinton. In a recent Writing on the Walls event held in the school, the kindergarten class published letters to their father and submitted submissions to the school about their favorite subjects. These submissions included poems about World War II and love for their grandparents. In addition, the school received a response from a steelworker who expressed his appreciation for the children’s writing efforts.

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The school’s diversity score is 0.24. The school has had a relatively flat diversity over the past five years. Compared to schools in similar districts, schools in districts serving predominantly students of color receive substantially less support. The school has a student/teacher ratio of 22.5:1. The school has 23 projects funded on, the website for funding classroom projects. This website is the most trusted classroom funding site.


Bridgeway Academy

Located in Satsuma, Alabama, Bridgeway Academy is a daycare center and homeschool academy that provides a variety of services for children in the age range of 6 WKS to 12 YRS. They also have a fully accredited homeschool program. This includes live classes, textbook courses, and online courses. They also have a HOPE for Learning Disabilities program, which is targeted at children who have special needs. Among their other offerings are a virtual academy for middle school students and advisors for parents to help guide them through the homeschooling process. Besides homeschooling, Bridgeway Academy also offers a Total Care program for preschoolers. This program incorporates hands-on learning activities, and it introduces the core subjects of math, science, language arts, and social studies with a biblical perspective.

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Bridgeway Academy also has a top-notch placement test, which will help you find the right program for your child. Whether you choose a private homeschooling program, online courses, or textbook courses, you can be assured that your child will receive the best education possible.


Satsuma Christian Day Care

Among the top three kindergarten schools in Satsuma Alabama, you will be hard-pressed to find a more academically focused school. Located on the campus of a Christian school, the program includes a unique individualized approach with small class sizes and teacher-to-student ratios. In addition, a new facility will open in the 2013-2014 school year to accommodate special needs students.

There is an emphasis on the Bible as the Word of God, which is a good thing in a school setting. In addition, the school is close to several parks and recreational facilities. It is also a short drive from higher education institutions and reputed schools. The school is also supported by active PTOs.

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The school also has the dubious distinction of being one of the top three kindergarten schools in Satsuma, Alabama. During the 2011-12 school year, the Satsuma City School District had two public schools with a total of 1,511 students. The district’s reading proficiency score was 54%. It is also ranked in the top 20% of all 139 public school districts in Alabama. In addition, it boasts an impressive concentration of top-ranked public schools. As a result, the Satsuma City School District is one of the best districts in the state.