Choosing kindergarten schools in Prichard can be a difficult decision, but there are many options available. If you live in Prichard Alabama and are looking for a good school for your child, here are three options to consider.


Whitley Elementary School

Located in Prichard, Alabama, Whitley Elementary School offers pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade classes to the public. The school is a part of the Mobile County District. The school is a community school that aspires to prepare students for the adventures that lie ahead. As such, the school boasts several extra-curricular activities including a symphony band, dance and music clubs, and a variety of clubs and special events.

The school’s academic curricula include math, reading, and social studies. There are 127 students in the pre-k through the 4-grade range, and the school spends $9,871 per student. The school is not short on teachers, with 19 to 1 student-to-teacher ratios. The school boasts several programs including gifted education and English as a Second Language. The school also has a student population of 99% of minority per capita.

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The school also has a safe school award from the Alabama Attorney General. The school has several safety initiatives, including a school police department and a school safety academy. The school has also received the top award for safety in Alabama. There are also numerous other awards and recognitions from the local and state government. The school was also the first in Mobile County to implement a pilot kindergarten program in 1976.


Ella Grant Elementary School

Among the top three kindergarten schools in Prichard Alabama, is Ella Grant Elementary School. This school, which is part of the Mobile County Public Schools system, serves about 250 students in grades K-5. It is ranked out of 665 schools in the state. Its contact information is based on the National Center for Education Statistics’ annual survey process.

In January, former LSU wide receiver Russell Shepard visited the school to read a story to kindergartners. The students responded positively and were thoughtful. Jordan Hutchins, a fifth-grader at Ella Grant Elementary School, said he was happy to meet the former Louisiana State University wide receiver.

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Prichard Preparatory School, one of the top elementary schools in Prichard, Alabama, recently took part in a DimensionU project. The grant, sponsored by the United States Department of Defense and the University of South Alabama, encourages students to learn about math and science through computer gaming. The grant also includes UMS-Wright Preparatory School in Mobile.

The fifth-grade students at Prichard Preparatory School participated in a project called “The Best Part of Me.” They were asked to write down the best part of themselves. They then wrote about why they chose the answer. The responses were insightful and moving. The students will continue building on the project as the year continues. The students also learned about different parts of plants and how to grow their own in the school garden.


Toddler’s Academy Beginners

Located at 2732 Mill St, North Crichton, Mobile, Alabama, the Toddler’s Academy is a daycare that cares for children as young as four months old. The center has been receiving three stars out of four. The best part is that the center is free. Aside from daycare, the center also offers preschool and kindergarten classes. The center has a lot of cool toys and games to keep your kiddo entertained.

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In addition to the aforementioned center, you can also find several other reputable daycares and preschools in the area. The most reputable centers will be located near Mobile County’s busiest hubs, including the city’s airport, downtown business district, and North Crichton area. There are also a handful of names that are located in more intimate communities like Mobile County’s Westside.

With so many options to choose from, you should be able to find the best fit for you and your little one. With a little legwork, you’re sure to find a daycare that meets your needs. The most important consideration is the quality of care you want, the size of the facility, and the availability of after-school programs and other activities.