Choosing kindergarten schools in Pell City is one of the most important decisions that parents will ever make. The choice will determine the quality of education and the future of your child. So how can you know which kindergarten schools are the best in Pell City, Alabama?


Iola Roberts Elementary School

Located in Pell City, Alabama, Iola Roberts Elementary School has a student/teacher ratio of 14.7:1. It is one of the best schools in Pell City, and is ranked in the top thirty percent of all schools in the state for reading proficiency. It has a student population of over two hundred and twenty students enrolled in kindergarten through grade four, and it has twenty-six full-time teachers.

The school also has a reading coach, a librarian, and a speech pathologist. The library has a reading program and has helped judge the recent art competition. The library also offers programs for different age groups, such as cooking, flower arranging, and music.

The library also sponsors a community oral history project. The program is designed to help students become a part of the solution to preventing suicide. Students are encouraged to learn how to be good citizens and leaders of the future.

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Iola Roberts Elementary School has placed in the top thirty percent of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores. It placed in the top three for the most number of students achieving proficiency in math and reading. The library promotes the arts and offers classes on poetry, cooking, and flower arranging.

The library also offers a youth program for 11th-grade students from all of the schools in the district. The program exposes students to Shelby County and teaches them how to become good citizens and leaders of the future.


Walter M Kennedy School

Located in Saint Clair County, Pell City is one of the fastest-growing cities in Alabama. Its growth has been largely driven by the Logan Martin Dam, which has fueled new businesses and permanent residents to the area. The county has also seen a lot of development, including the Center for Education and the Performing Arts, which attracts legends and performers from all over.

Pell City is a community with a friendly culture and scenic scenery. It offers academics, a community college, and workforce development training. It’s also a desirable place to live and work.

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The center is the site of performances by legends like Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. There’s also a pre-k center, a veterans nursing home, and a bowling and pizza pub. The Veterans Nursing Home is expected to be fully occupied by the fall.

Pell City is also home to Jefferson State Community College, which was founded in 2005 and opened its new campus in Pell City. The college offers a wide variety of community college courses, including nursing programs. It also plans to support the Veterans Nursing Home.

Walter M Kennedy School has had a relatively flat teacher population over the last five school years. It’s also among the top 30% of schools in Alabama for overall test scores. The percentage of students proficient in math is higher than the state average. Approximately 21% of the school’s student body is a minority.


Eden Elementary School

Located in Pell City, Alabama, Eden Elementary School is one of the best kindergarten schools in the state. In addition, Eden Elementary School ranks in the top half of the state for reading proficiency and math proficiency.

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Eden Elementary School serves 398 students in grades Prekindergarten-4. In addition, the school’s percentage of students achieving proficiency in reading/language arts is the same as the Alabama state average.

Eden Elementary School is a part of the Pell City Public School System. As a part of the program, students have access to academics, arts, and workforce development training. The school also offers a variety of activities for the community. Some of the programs include art, music, and cooking. The library also offers a variety of programs for different age groups. The library is also involved with the recent art competition.

Eden Elementary School has a very large faculty, consisting of eight full-time teachers. Principal Laurie Funderburg leads the school. She has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction.

Eden Elementary School is part of the First Class Pre-K program, which is a program that impacts early child development. This program is being expanded in the state, with more than nine hundred classrooms being added this fall. The program will impact almost forty counties.