Regardless of your child’s needs, there are several excellent kindergarten schools in Montgomery. There is Blount Elementary School, Catoma Elementary School, and Wares Ferry Elementary School.


Blount Elementary School

Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Blount Elementary School is one of the best public schools in the Montgomery Public School System. The school has been in existence since 2003 and has become a quality learning facility. The school recently received special recognition as a Purple Star School.

The Purple Star School is a designation that means the school is a learning facility that is welcoming to military families. Another notable thing about Blount Elementary is that the school is in the top 20% of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores. It is also in the top 20% for reading and math proficiency.

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The Purple Star School also has an amazing PTA that works tirelessly to raise funds for the school. The PTA is the only way teachers can buy supplies without having to use their own money.

The PTA also holds a special signing day for kindergarten teachers. The day included draft music, draft food, and a special guest, Brewbaker Technology Magnet High cheerleader Katelyn Glass.


Wares Ferry Elementary School

Among the top kindergarten schools in Montgomery, Alabama is Wares Ferry Elementary School and Carver Elementary School. Both of these schools offer small class sizes, and both schools have a high concentration of female students. The teachers at these schools are highly qualified and the students are encouraged to ask questions. Both schools also offer individualized attention, and both schools offer visual arts classes.

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Wares Ferry Elementary School has a student-teacher ratio of 21:1. The student population has fallen by 14% over the past five school years. The students in this school are making average academic progress. The test scores of students at this school are also average.


Catoma Elementary School

Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Catoma Elementary School serves 205 students in K – 5. The school is part of Montgomery Public Schools. Located at 1780 Mitchell Young Rd., the school is attended by students, teachers, and parents.

The school has 15 full-time teachers. Moreover, students can take advantage of the Prekindergarten and Head Start programs. Those programs are available in 65 elementary schools in Montgomery County. There are also 27 full-day Head Start classes offered in select schools.

In 2014, four high schools in the Montgomery Public Schools have named the top schools in Alabama. George Washington Carver High School was also recognized as the top high school in the state. The school is also one of the top 20 high schools in the nation.

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Several students and teachers from the Montgomery Public Schools participated in a state board meeting. They advocated for gifted education in Alabama. The school also had two students earn distinction honours.

The school also has a therapy dog, Mary Hughes. The dog helps students learn pet responsibilities and provides calming comfort. The school also has a teaching partnership with the Montgomery Humane Society.