Choosing the right kindergarten schools in McCalla, Alabama for your child is important. There are several options to choose from. If you are new to the area, you may not know where to start. To help you make the best choice, we have compiled a list of the top 3 kindergarten schools in McCalla Alabama.


McAdory Elementary School

Located in McCalla, Ala, McAdory Elementary School is part of the Jefferson County School System. It serves students in grades K-5. It offers a variety of academic subjects including reading, writing, science, and math. The school also has a virtual library and offers music and computer programs. A large number of students are African American.

Compared to other schools in the state, McAdory Elementary School has a higher percentage of students that are proficient in reading. It is placed in the top 50% of schools in Alabama for reading proficiency. The school also has combined test scores in math and science.

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Lake View Elementary School

Located in McCalla, Alabama, Lake View Elementary School is a high-performing school in its own right. It is ranked among the top 30% of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores, reading proficiency, and math proficiency. It is also a good sign that Lake View Elementary School employs several great teachers.

Overall, Lake View Elementary School is a strong school that has room for future growth. There are 37 teachers employed at the school, including an assistant principal. There are also three special education teachers and eight supporting staff. The school is a little understaffed, though. There is also a high number of free and reduced lunch students. This means less time for teaching and learning.

The school has a good diversity score of 0.27. Its diversity ranking is higher than most schools in Alabama. The school also has a small library and gym, but it could use more playground equipment. There are also two other students enrolled at Lake View Elementary School. The school also has a very small office staff, but the school does have an assistant principal, who is the head of the school. Lastly, the school has a nice-looking website. This is one of the most important parts of any school.

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Tannehill Child Development

Among the many preschool and daycare centers that dot the metroplex, Tannehill Child Development stands out as the best of the best. It offers an educational institute for young children that also happens to be a childcare facility. They aren’t limited to infants and toddlers, though, as they also cater to school-age children and teens. This is a big advantage for parents who may not have a lot of free time on their hands.

For their part, the Tannehill Child Development team is proud to say that they’ve won awards for their quality of care, their commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle, and their commitment to the community. They have also gotten the best of the best awards from Parenting Magazine, including “Most Innovative Preschool” and “Best of McCalla”.

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Tannehill Child Development is a well-oiled machine, as they employ a whopping 11 employees. They’ve got a great website with information on their services, including how to register your child for a free evaluation. They also have a great phone number, if you’re in the market for a daycare or preschool in the McCalla area.