Choosing Kindergarten Schools in Lincoln, Alabama can be tricky. You want to make sure your child is prepared to start school, but there are a lot of different options to choose from. I’ve put together a list of the top three Kindergarten schools in Lincoln Alabama, so you can get started finding the right school for your child.


Lincoln Elementary School

Located off Interstate 20, Lincoln Elementary School serves the pre-kindergarten to grade five crowd. It has a sizable minority of black students. Despite the demographics, the school boasts an A+ staff with the lowest suspension rates in the district. A plethora of technological marvels includes classroom laptops and desktops, Chromebook class carts, and numerous computer labs. The school also demonstrates the utmost care in ensuring that every student succeeds.

While the school is renowned for its pre-K curriculum, it also has a fine-tuned elementary, middle, and high school program. Lincoln is a part of the Talladega County Board of Education. The school is home to more than 4,000 students. Aside from the usual suspects, the school also boasts a surprisingly large number of gifted and talented students. The school boasts several notable accolades, most notably the US News and World Report’s list of top 10 schools in Alabama. Aside from academics, the school boasts a robust extracurricular program, which includes a robust sports program and a robust arts and music program. It is also home to the largest varsity football program in the county. The school also boasts an exemplary safety record. In short, it is the right school for the right student at the right time.

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Lincoln Head Start

Lincoln Head Start is a daycare facility that cares for children ages three and four. Children in the program are provided with nutritious meals, nutritious snacks, and other educational activities. In addition, they receive free dental care and medical attention.

Head Start is a national program that provides education, health, nutrition, and other services to children in low-income families. These services promote children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. It also supports parents in their role as children’s first teachers. In addition to being funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Head Start programs are also operated by local nonprofit agencies and school districts.

Depending on the location of the Head Start center, the program provides different services. The center may also work with other childcare providers to ensure that children in the program are cared for.

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Each Head Start program is required to meet a variety of federal requirements. For instance, the program must meet the needs of children with special needs. It must also be open when needed. In addition, each center elects parents to serve on the agency’s Policy Council, which makes important decisions regarding the program.

Throughout the year, Head Start parents receive extensive training. The program also provides parents with access to childcare services, health care, and nutritious meals. The program encourages parent involvement through special activities and home visits.


Lincoln Learning Center

Among the thousands of Lincoln, Alabama-based schools, the Lincoln Learning Center is one of the few that aspire to become a model for the district. With a student population of 351, the school boasts a student-to-teacher ratio of sixteen to one. As part of its efforts to provide a top-notch learning experience, the institution has implemented automatic locks on all hallway doors to improve access control.

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The aforementioned trifecta is supplemented by a year-round calendar of events, activities, and programs for kids of all ages. This includes a variety of extracurricular programs including the popular preschool programs, a pre-K program, and an AVID program. The aforementioned programs are designed to prepare experienced learners for kindergarten in a way that is both educational and enriching.

The Lincoln Learning Center is also the proud home of the first-ever IMAX theater. This nifty little gem is located on the fourth floor of the main lobby. The theater has seating for all comers and is equipped with a plethora of features including a digital screen, a sound system, and a surprisingly extensive library of books and videos. The school also has a variety of activities and events for adults including a monthly book club, an art appreciation program, a weekly exercise class, and an annual sock hop.