Choosing kindergarten schools in Jasper, Alabama is a very important decision that will impact your child’s education for a long time. It is important to research which schools are the best so that you can choose one that will suit your child’s needs. There are four kindergarten schools that you can choose from in Jasper, Alabama. These schools are T R Simmons Elementary School, North Highland School, Angel Faces Christian Preschool, and Memorial Park School.


T R Simmons Elementary School

Located in Jasper, Alabama, T R Simmons Elementary School is a public school that provides educational programs for prekindergarten through grade four. It is part of the Jasper City School District. The school has an enrollment of 453 students. The school is staffed with 32 full-time teachers.

The school offers a variety of student programs and events. The school has a K-Kids student service organization, which organizes community service projects. The K-Kids program teaches students about their place in the world, and how to help. The school also organizes a summer reading program and a Penzulli Tirad Model.

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T R Simmons Elementary School also has a parent-teacher organization. The organization provides support for teachers and students. The school has a BUG (Bugs and Readers) club. The BUG club helps students improve their reading skills. The BUG club also organizes a Summer Reading Program.

The school has an active parent-teacher organization, and the school has a student leadership program. Noah Ferguson, who graduated from Oakman High School, was active in the Beta Club, Science Club, and Yearbook Club. He was also a member of the Youth Leadership Walker County program. He plans to transfer to a four-year college and pursue a career as an architectural engineer.


Memorial Park School

Having been named a National Blue School in the 2017 competition, Memorial Park Elementary in Jasper, Alabama has been getting a lot of attention. Besides being named a blue school, the school also received several other awards. It was named one of the best schools in Alabama by the Alabama State Department of Education, received the top award for the best-ranked school in Alabama in the AP Science Test, and is the first school in Walker County to be awarded this honor.

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The school is a part of the Walker County Public School System. There are several schools in the system, including four elementary schools and two middle schools. The school also features a free career and technical school that serves students in grades 10-12. The school offers sixteen programs, including several athletic opportunities.

Another notable feat is the use of iPod Touch devices in the school. They are a boon to students because they allow them to do everything from flipping through digital math flash cards to studying anatomy. The school also ties in with the state’s Excellence in Education Fund in providing these devices to students. The devices aren’t just for the students, though; teachers use them to help them with their lesson plans.


North Highland School

Located in Hueytown, Alabama, the North Highland School is a worthy contender for the title of the best kindergarten school in the Jasper area. Its academic curriculum is comprehensive, ranging from math to fine arts. The school is a member of the Jefferson County School System and encourages parental involvement in education. Its library has a plethora of reference materials, a veritable goldmine of esoteric literature.

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The best part is that the school is a short drive away from both the University of Alabama and Bevill State Community College. This allows students in both towns to take advantage of the best of both worlds. In addition, there is a smorgasbord of retail and dining options if shopping is your thing. The school is located across Viking Drive from Valley Park.

Although the school is only one of four k-grades in the area, its high-tech facilities have a way of keeping students on the cutting edge. The school is also a convenient gateway to the city’s many amenities, from golf courses to a multitude of parks and recreational facilities.