Getting your children into great Kindergarten schools in Harvest is a big deal, but there are several options available. Here are three of the best in Harvest, Alabama.


Harvest Elementary School

Located in Harvest, Alabama, Harvest Elementary School has 716 students in grades Pre-K through five. The school’s academic program is rich in mathematics, science, and English, with a focus on music and physical education. The school also has a gifted and talented program.

The school’s student population has decreased by 8% over the last five years. The student/teacher ratio is a modest 18.4:1. Those looking for a home in this area can find a median-priced listing in the neighborhood of $1,500. There are several rental properties in the area, including two houses for rent: 159 Freedom Way, Madison, AL 35758, and 229 Silver Breeze Ct, Harvest, AL 35749. The rent is comparable to the price of a comparable house in the neighboring county.

The school does have a notable student suspension rate. However, the student/teacher ratio is quite small, and the school does a lot to help students with disabilities succeed. The school’s EL department is hosting a free EL family event on October 15th. The school also has a flu vaccine program.

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The school’s PTA has a philanthropy program, and it’s no surprise they’re putting on several fundraising events. The best time to find out about upcoming events is to call the school and speak with one of the school’s dedicated staff members.


Endeavor Elementary School

During the school year, elementary students have a four-stage performing arts program that exposes them to different kinds of music. They are also taught about cultural diversity and sustainability. They learn to give back to the community. The school has an extended day program that offers daycare and enrichment before and after school.

Elementary students attend classes in core subjects like math, science, reading, and writing. In addition, they have free play time. Each grade is given a standardized test to measure their learning. The students are also given an hour to work on their homework.

The school has a full-time technology coordinator who helps teachers integrate technology into lessons. Students are given personal iPads. In addition, the school has MacBook Air laptops. Students are taught keyboarding skills in each year of elementary school.

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In addition to science, social studies, and English, the students have classes in technology. In the fifth grade, students work collaboratively on robots and programming. In addition, they learn Spanish and write. In the sixth through eighth grades, students take electives such as oceanology, biology, and music.

The school seeks to develop strong character and social fitness in each student. Students are also taught to respect other people. Students are allowed to participate in drama club and choir.

The school is accredited by the Independent School Association of the Central States. It has an enrollment of approximately 280 children. The school has 31 teachers and serves students from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.


Creekside Elementary School

Located in the town of Harvest, Alabama, Creekside Elementary School is a K-3 school that serves 524 students in its five grade levels. The school was opened in August of 2000 and was initially split into two grade levels – grades K 2 and grades 3-5. After five years, the school’s student body has been reduced by half, from 524 to 334.

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There are six classrooms in the original building. Other notable features include a gymnasium, reception area, and conference room. There is also a 22-classroom addition, including a music room, a library, a technology center, and front offices. The school spends an average of $8,226 per student. The school has a robust Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) to boot.

The school’s most impressive feature is its library. It has the largest library of any K-3 school in the Limestone County School District. The library also houses a science lab, a computer lab, and an art studio. The school has a student body of about 18% black/African-Americans. Moreover, Creekside is a quaint albeit close-knit community. The school also boasts a sizable number of volunteers.

The school’s other most impressive feature is its low suspension rate. The school’s suspension rate is one of the lowest in the district. As a result, teachers and students can devote more time to learning and less time to the lam.