Choosing good kindergarten schools in Grove Hill is important for your children’s success, but where do you start? This article will provide you with three schools in Grove Hill, Alabama that you should consider for your child’s education.


Grove Hill Elementary School

During the last five school years, the student population at Grove Hill Elementary School has decreased by 10%. Over this period, the diversity of the student population has stayed flat. However, there is an increase in the number of low-income students.

The school employs 20.3 full-time teachers. The student population is 66% minority. This school is located in the Clarke County School District. It is a member of the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools.

The school has been recognized for its efforts in promoting reading. The school is ranked within the top 50% of all 1,263 schools in Alabama for the 2018-19 school year. The test scores show that the school is above the state average in reading proficiency, but below the state average in math proficiency.

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The school has also been recognized for its participation in the Odyssey of the Mind. Last spring, the school’s team traveled to Iowa State University to compete in an international competition. The school’s team placed third out of 59 teams. The team was also featured in the June 3 Friday Letter.

The school has also been recognized for its efforts in improving its community. They encourage students and staff to donate non-perishable food items. The school also provides tools for parents to help them better serve their children.


Clarke Prep Day Care

During the 2011-2012 school year, Quincy was in a dispute with Parents over the placement of a Student, a child with a hearing disability. Parents claimed Quincy had not developed an appropriate educational program for the Student and was not complying with a November 21, 2012 decision. Parents sought an order requiring Quincy to take additional steps to make Clarke School an appropriate program for students.

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The Parents also alleged Quincy was not a good steward of the taxpayer funds it had received. They sought an order requiring Quincy to fund the stay-put placement at Clarke School for the entire 2012-2013 school year. In addition, they sought an order requiring Quincy to provide Students with a deaf education teacher.

On October 10, 2012, Quincy agreed to fund the tuition for Students to attend Clarke School. The tuition was to be paid through a sole source agreement, but Quincy had no assurance that Clarke would accept Student for the 2012-2013 school year.

Although Quincy agreed to fund the tuition, Quincy was not prepared to accept Students for the 2012-2013 school year until September 2013. During the months before October, Quincy focused its efforts on finding an appropriate language-based placement for students. It also explored the possibility of placing Student at Learning Prep School in Marshfield, a school that was attended by Student for four years before Quincy’s placement.

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Clarke Preparatory School

Among the many private schools and public institutions in and around Grove Hill, Alabama, one stands out among the rest. This is a school that has a unique history, starting as a segregation academy in 1970. The school is now one of the few in the state to receive the coveted tax-exempt status. Since its inception, the school has made a name for itself in both academic and extra-curricular endeavors. Aside from the usual suspects, the school also boasts a robust after-school program that caters to youngsters of all ages. This school is the epicenter of learning in Grove Hill.

The school’s stout facilities also boast some of the state’s most seasoned teachers and dedicated administrators. As of the time of writing, the school boasts a student body of more than 230, including 50 gifted students. As a testament to its success, the school has been recognized for its outstanding academic achievements and a plethora of awards and scholarships.