Choosing kindergarten schools in Fairfield for your children is an important decision. You want to be sure that you select one that will give your child the best possible start in life.


Glen Oaks Elementary School

Among the many kindergarten classes in Fairfield, Alabama, Glen Oaks is one of the best. With an excellent curriculum and a stellar teaching staff, the GOES-certified school serves kindergartners from the ground up. As one of the best kindergarten schools in Alabama, Glen Oaks is a top choice for many parents.

While the Fairfield school’s phalanx of faculty and staff may make it a tough place to find a sitter, the competition is fierce. Although Fairfield’s public elementary and secondary school is no slouch, its neighbor to the south, Pleasant Grove, is a bit of a step up in the classroom. The top-ranked public school in the county is a worthy competitor in the competition for the best kindergarten class in Fairfield. Although the school is smaller, it boasts a higher percentage of graduates, and a larger student population, making it a prime candidate for the coveted title of best public school in Fairfield. Despite its small size, Pleasant Grove is an excellent example of how small towns can flourish. Fortunately, the town is a great place to raise a family and enjoy all the amenities that a suburb can offer.

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Robinson Primary School

Among the plethora of Fairfield County Public Schools, Robinson Primary School has stood out for being a bit of a snob when it comes to education. The aforementioned institution, which is headquartered in a suburb southwest of Houston, is home to 221 students in grades prekindergarten to 6 in the aforementioned state. The top-notch school is a product of a state and county consortium of educators who are well-matched with student populations of similar ilk. The school’s best efforts are matched by the best-in-class kilowatts of electricity from their surrounding environs. Those lucky enough to attend the school have a well-rounded experience that is both exemplary and memorable.


Donald Elementary School

Located in Jefferson County, Fairfield is a small city southwest of Birmingham, Alabama. It has a population of 11,117 and is home to several historical attractions.

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Fairfield’s rich history is evident in the three historic districts that make up the city. The Old Post Road Historic District, for example, contains an authentic Connecticut Colony Charter hidden in an oak tree during the colonial era. The house is a popular tourist attraction, featuring an open staircase, fluted woodwork, and original wood floors.

Fairfield is home to several famous people, including jazz singer Dennis Edwards and jazz guitarist George Lindsey. It’s also home to Miles College, which was established in 1898. It is also the birthplace of photographer Spider Martin and singer Cleveland Eaton.

The Fairfield City School district is in the bottom half of Alabama’s school districts. However, it has increased its enrollment, revenue, and graduation rate. It’s also improving student transportation. The district is also working on rearranging some schools and is in the process of a major capital improvement initiative. It recently helped to establish the Fairfield City Early Childhood Alliance, which coordinates local early childhood education efforts.

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Fairfield’s schools are operated by the local board of education, which is comprised of elected members. The schools serve approximately 2,000 students. The district has three elementary schools, two middle schools, and a nine-year-old preparatory high school.