Whether you are looking to start a family in the city of Deatsville Alabama or you already have one, there are many options available for your child’s education. Here are the three best kindergarten schools in Deatsville.


Coosada Elementary School

Despite being one of the smallest schools in the Elmore County Public School System, Coosada Elementary School is nonetheless one of the best in the district. It is home to 65 full-time teachers and has average per-student spending of about $3,200, which is a pretty good deal for an Alabama school. The school also has an average of two days per week of instructional time, a rarity in most school districts.

In a recent survey, the Coosada Elementary School was named the best school in the district by an anonymous panel of parents, teachers, and administrators. The school also has one of the highest per-student spendings in the district. The school also boasts a plethora of extracurricular activities, ranging from the standard extracurriculars like sports and bands to the more esoteric offerings like clubs and community service. It is also a popular choice for parents who prefer a more hands-on approach to their children’s education.

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Holtville Elementary School

During the 2017-2018 school year, Holtville Elementary School was ranked in the top ten percent of all schools in Alabama. The school was also ranked within the top twenty percent of all schools for math proficiency. In addition, the school placed in the top ten percent of all schools for reading proficiency.

The school has a dedicated staff of teachers who are dedicated to their student’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth. The library offers monthly STEM activities and Civil Air Patrol lessons to the students. Additionally, the library provides weekly Storytime/Studies. The faculty and staff at Holtville Elementary School follow the purpose statement of Elmore County, Every Student Empowered, and Every Student Succeeds.

Holtville Elementary School currently teaches pre-K through fourth grade. Over the last eight years, the school has seen a tremendous rise in student enrollment. The school’s student population has grown by approximately ten percent. The student population is composed of a diverse group of students with a minority enrollment of nine percent. In the past five school years, Holtville Elementary School has maintained a relatively flat diversity score. However, it is important to note that test scores show differences by race and ethnicity.

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The faculty at Holtville Elementary School are proud of their 100% Highly Qualified (HQT) status. They strive to provide the best education possible for each student.


Pine Level Elementary School

Among the 1,263 public schools in Alabama, Pine Level Elementary School is one of the best places to send your child to kindergarten. The school’s impressive diversity score of 0.34 places it in the top tier of Alabama schools. Among other things, the school has a student population of 917 and employs 53 full-time teachers. The student: teacher ratio is 17:1, which is pretty good by today’s standards.

The most impressive thing about Pine Level is its impressive number of extracurricular activities. The school offers a variety of programs, including a computer lab, music lessons, a gymnasium, and art classes. The school also boasts a very impressive athletic program, which includes a track and field team. The school also offers an AVID program, which is an acronym for Advancement Via Individual Determination. The program, which is funded by a grant, is designed to help students who struggle in traditional academic classes. Among its other benefits, students who attend Pine Level can also participate in sports, including basketball, soccer, and track. It should be noted that the school’s track program is among the top tier of Alabama schools, according to the state’s athletic department.

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For a school with a student population of 917, Pine Level Elementary School is one of the better places to send your child to kindergarten. Its impressive number of extracurricular activities, high student: teacher ratio and high test scores make it a top-tier school in Alabama. The school is a good choice, and I’m happy to say my child has been well-cared for by its dedicated staff.