Taking your child to the top 3 Kindergarten Schools in Collinsville, Alabama will ensure that he or she has a great start in life. There are many great schools in this area, but these three schools stand out among the rest. They have great programs and services, and their teachers are well-trained.


Collinsville Elementary School

Listed among the top 3 kindergarten schools in Collinsville Alabama, Collinsville Elementary School is located in a small community. The population of Collinsville is 2% and 4% in Oklahoma. This community is located near several towns, cities, vineyards, and nature areas. It is also connected to several entertainment and transportation destinations.

Collinsville Elementary School has a Facebook page. Collinsville Faith in Action provides free services to the community. CMS Student Council members assist at the Collinsville Food Pantry.

Collinsville Elementary School has a Chromebook program. Each student in the 5th through 12th grades will receive a Chromebook to use until the end of the school year. The device is provided by the school and remains the property of the school. The school’s Facebook page has a video explaining how the Chromebook program works.

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The Community Inclusion Team (CIT) was formed in Collinsville Schools to ensure that preschool students have access to inclusive classrooms. This team is composed of community members and stakeholders who will work together to develop policies that will help ensure preschool inclusion.

The American Community Survey (ACS) is a five-year estimate of the demographics of a given community. It includes information about the school system, educational achievements, and other useful metrics.


Gregory Head Start

Located in Collinsville, Alabama, Gregory Head Start is one of the top three kindergarten schools in Collinsville. In two years, the school has increased its enrollment from two students to 25 percent. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held by VOICES for Alabama’s Children to celebrate this new addition.

The school, located at 64 Hall Ave., Collinsville, Alabama 35961, offers a kindergarten program that includes a social and emotional curriculum, cognitive development, and preschool readiness for children from birth to five. This program emphasizes the role of the parent in fostering school readiness. The program also emphasizes the importance of building relationships with families.

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Head Start programs are designed to serve infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children from families with incomes that are below the Federal poverty level. Children in public assistance, foster care, or pregnant women may also qualify for services. The program emphasizes the role of the parent as the child’s first teacher. The program also has limited government funding, so families may be placed on a waiting list. The program also has several other criteria that may apply.

Collinsville’s first depot, described as a yellow stone depot, was built in the early 1860s. The depot was located near the town’s railroad route. The depot was likely completed by 1870. In the first half of the twentieth century, the depot became a center of community activity. It was the site of many events, including the traveling circus. The depot was also the site of a Christmas Eve fire in 1884.

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Centre Elementary School

Located in Collinsville, AL, the Centre Elementary School is one of the best public schools in the state. Its small size and relative accessibility make it a great choice for parents and their pre-teens looking to expand their horizons. The best part is that the school provides a comprehensive, albeit somewhat standardized, curriculum for grades K through 5. During the 2017-18 school year, there were approximately 900 students in attendance. If you are looking for a school that will get you off the ground and into the workforce, this is one of the best places to start. The school has an impressive student-teacher ratio of 1:8. The teachers are well-trained and well-paid, and the staff is committed to the success of your child. Moreover, there is a plethora of activities and programs that provide enrichment, re-engagement, and support. The school also boasts an impressive list of sports teams and clubs, making it a great place to play.