Whether you’re looking for a daycare or a private school, there are several kindergarten schools in Brundidge, Alabama to choose from. Some of the most popular are Brundidge Head Start, Pike County Elementary School, and WeeSmile Learning Center LLC.


Pike County Elementary School

Located in Brundidge, Alabama, Pike County Elementary School is one of three elementary schools in the Pike County School System. This school serves over 500 students in kindergarten through sixth grade. The school’s mission is to provide a quality educational experience in a safe and friendly environment. It provides basic education in math, reading, English, and Spanish, as well as technology education. The school also emphasizes reading comprehension exercises and hands-on activities.

The school is rated as one of the top 50% of schools in Alabama for overall test scores, and the school ranks among the top 30% for math proficiency. The school is also ranked as one of the top schools for diversity, with a 0.47 diversity score. The school’s student population is predominantly Black.

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The Pike County School System is committed to providing quality education and services to all children in the school district. The school system engages in research to develop and maintain innovative, effective instructional methods. The school system also engages in effective collaboration with partners to meet the needs of all students. In addition, the school system works to maintain academic and fiscal responsibility. It also ensures that all students in the district are prepared for a successful future. The Pike County School System is committed to face-to-face learning, providing effective communication, and maintaining clear expectations for all students.


Brundidge Head Start

Located on Veterans Boulevard, the Brundidge Head Start is a daycare in Brundidge, Alabama. It provides care for children in the age range of 0 – 5 years. This particular facility is not a subsidized childcare program.

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The Brundidge Head Start is a daycare center that offers personalized attention to needy children. This facility provides the basics: food, education, and physical well-being. Aside from these, the center also offers before and after-school care. The center is only 8.9 miles from downtown Brundidge. The center is operated by Jose Henderson, who can help you with updating your Ocap Head Start records. You can also get the benefits of an inspection report as a service to you and your family. You’ll want to contact the center before you enroll your child.

The Brundidge Head Start also has a website. The site features a lot of information, and you can learn about the program’s history, mission, and how to enroll your child. The site also features a parent portal, where you can manage all aspects of your child’s enrollment. You can also check out the center’s social media and newsfeed to learn more about the center and what it has to offer. The website also features several educational games and activities for children.

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WeeSmile Learning Center LLC

Located in the heart of the town of Brundidge, Alabama, WeeSmile Learning Center LLC is one of the top three kindergarten schools in the area. Located at 504 North Main Street, this preschool offers quality early education for children ages zero to twelve years of age. The center’s perks include free transportation, a spacious facility, and a highly trained staff. Moreover, the center accepts subsidized childcare programs.

In addition to its daycare offerings, the center offers a wide variety of fun activities such as storytelling, arts and crafts, sports, and more. It also provides a healthy snack program, including a well-stocked kitchen.