Choosing good kindergarten schools in Attalla, Alabama is very important if you want your child to grow up to be a happy, healthy, and well-rounded student. But which schools should you consider?


Attalla Elementary School

Among the seven public schools serving 1,927 students in the Attalla, AL area, one stands out. In the past three years, Attalla Elementary School has achieved the top 3 spots for kindergartners. The school’s impressive average math proficiency score ranks it among the top 50 schools in Alabama. Moreover, the average graduation rate is 92%. The school is also one of the largest in the county, serving students in grades 1 through 12.

Aside from its impressive test scores, Attalla also boasts some impressive programs and extracurricular activities. The Peer Helpers program, for instance, fosters love and unity among its peers. Aside from its fundraising efforts, the program also makes teacher appreciation cards and visits classrooms to deliver the goods. The school also boasts the largest student body in the county, with 27% of the student body being of minority descent. In addition to the usual suspects, Attalla also boasts a school-wide music program. In addition to its own Acappella group, the school also offers a band and band ensemble. The school also offers some of the best athletic programs in the county. In addition to its varsity sports, the school also has a track and field program, allowing aspiring athletes of tomorrow to showcase their talents.

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Ivalee Elementary School

Earlier this month, the Etowah County Chamber of Commerce recognized some of the best students and teachers in the county. The Chamber also hosted an Excellence in Education awards ceremony. This event was held to honor students and teachers who have made a difference in the lives of their students. The awards were organized into categories, and winners were selected from the nominations.

This year, Etowah County received an impressive number of nominations. CEO Heather Brothers New said that the nominations were exceptional, and she hoped that hearing the stories of the winners would inspire other Etowah County educators. Those nominees included teachers and students who are innovative and creative, and who have a strong commitment to their students.

One of the schools that were recognized for their outstanding performance was Ivalee Elementary School. This school has placed in the top 20% of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores. The school also placed in the top 20% for reading proficiency. Moreover, the school has a student population that has grown by 28% in five years. The school also has a 12% minority enrollment. The school also has an average student-to-teacher ratio that is equal to the state’s 17:1 ratio.

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The Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) is the statewide standardized test that is administered each spring. The Alabama Department of Education recently released the results for 2022. The data show that the percentage of students who score below grade level in reading decreased in 2022. In addition, fewer third graders scored below grade level in reading in 2022.


Duck Springs Elementary School

During the 2017-2018 school year, the Etowah County School System manages several elementary schools, including Duck Springs Elementary School in Attalla, AL. The school serves a student population of 197 students, ranging in grade from prekindergarten to six. The school also offers a wide variety of programs and services, including special education, guidance counseling, and technology. The school is also a top contender in several categories, including overall test scores, free and reduced lunch assistance, and reading proficiency.

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The school is not only one of the top three kindergarten schools in Attalla, but it is also one of the top three schools in the state. The school is ranked among the top 30% of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores, and its student/teacher ratio is 17.9:1. The school also offers Title I programs and has an impressive building-based student support team. The school also ranks in the top half of schools for reading proficiency, and its percentage of math proficiency is among the top 50% of all schools in Alabama.

The school also boasts several impressive technological achievements, including a technologically advanced physical education department and a building-based student support team. In addition, the school has had 16 projects funded through the website, which is one of the best sources of classroom funding.