Whether you are looking for a place to send your child to kindergarten or looking to relocate, there are a few kindergarten schools in Alabaster, Alabama that are worth considering. These schools have everything that you need to ensure that your child gets a great start to their schooling.


Meadow View Elementary School

During the recent school year, Meadow View Elementary School made great gains in all areas. They placed in the top 30% of all Alabama schools for math and reading proficiency. It also equaled the Alabama state average in reading and language arts proficiency.

Meadow View Elementary School’s faculty and staff are highly qualified. Most hold advanced degrees. The administrators are also highly qualified. They maintain a student: teacher ratio of 15:1, which is lower than the state’s average of 17:1.

The school’s learning community is very focused on teaching positive character traits. They have adopted the “Character Counts!” program to help develop positive student behavior. Students are awarded Mustangs, which are individual awards, for positive behavior. The names of the winners are displayed on a bulletin board near the cafeteria. Students are also given a certificate to take home.

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The school’s administration and staff are dedicated to success. The school has a pre-K program that provides academics and social skills. The program has four classes of 18 students. The school draws names for enrollment.

Meadow View Elementary School has also made great gains in all areas in the past four years. The school’s student: teacher ratio is 15:1 and the school equaled the state’s average in reading and language arts proficiency.


Creek view elementary school

Among the 874 students enrolled in grades Pre-K to 3, Creek View Elementary School is no slouch in the quality department. It has been awarded an A+ on the standardized test and was recently ranked in the top 20% of all Alabama public schools for its performance on the state’s testing program. The top-performing school also boasts a well-funded athletic program, and a solid library and is within walking distance of all the amenities that downtown Alabaster has to offer.

The Alabaster City Board of Education, in addition to providing its students with ample resources, also boasts a fair number of non-traditional initiatives. For instance, the district is using a Peachjar distribution service to help kick off the 2019-20 school year with a bang. The district also boasts a new and improved website and a more streamlined student tracking system. For parents who are on the lookout for new schools in the area, the district also offers the coveted parental choice program.

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On top of all this, the district is going “green” by closing sites and using a flyer distribution service. The school district is also offering free pre-K for three years and has several new mascots in the pipeline. In addition, the Alabaster City Council has approved a new charter for a high-performing charter school. This will allow the district to focus on its top performers and hopefully turn the district into a thriving model of academic excellence.


Thompson Intermediate School

During the 2000-2001 school year, Thompson Intermediate School opened its doors to 891 students in grades 4-5. The school placed in the top thirty percent of all schools in Alabama in several different categories. Its most impressive accomplishment was placing in the top thirty percent of all schools in the state for overall test scores. The school also placed in the top 30 percent of all schools in the state for math proficiency.

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Thompson Intermediate School is part of the Thompson Intermediate School district. Its mascot is the Warrior.

The city of Alabaster is located about thirty miles south of Birmingham, Alabama. It is a very peaceful city with several parks, museums, and recreational areas. It also has one of the largest medical facilities in Shelby County. The name Alabaster comes from a white calcium carbonate mineral. It was incorporated as a city in 1953. During the early twenty-first century, it grew with surrounding communities and became the sixteenth largest city in Alabama. Its population grew from around a thousand residents to almost thirty-three thousand residents by 2013.

The city of Alabaster is home to the oldest high school in Alabama. The school was named after Thomas Carlyle Thompson. He donated the majority of the funds for the original building.