Having your child go to Kindergarten is a great idea for several reasons. It will give them the chance to experience the joy of learning, as well as develop the important skills and habits needed to succeed in school. Here are the top two kindergarten schools in Munford.


Munford Elementary School

Located in the heart of Talladega National Forest, Munford Elementary School is a modern-day learning institution tasked with the education of over 700 elementary school children. Aside from its classrooms, the school features a parent-teacher association, guidance sessions, and classes in art, music, physical education, and learning disabilities.

As for the most important part, the library boasts a stocked collection of over 8,000 books. The library is divided into four sections, each focusing on a different theme. The “Where the Wild Things Are” section is geared toward animals while “The Enchanted Forest” focuses on plants. The library also has a hefty collection of current media.

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The student population at Munford Elementary School has decreased by more than one percent in the last five school years. The school also boasts a student-to-teacher ratio of 17:1, which is in line with the state average. The student population is also relatively flat in terms of diversity, albeit in the minority.


Munford Headstart

Located at Railroad Street in Munford, AL, the Munford Headstart Kindergarten School provides childcare services for children from six weeks to five years of age. In addition, it provides before and after-school care for children. The program does not participate in the subsidized childcare program.

The program provides child development services in a variety of settings, including centers and home-based settings. The staff in each setting work to strengthen the relationship between children and staff. They also emphasize family participation in the program as a key to strong child outcomes.

Children who participate in Head Start programs receive health screenings and nutritional meals. They are also provided with safe and supportive learning environments. The programs offer full-day care for children and their parents, and they encourage early childhood development. The programs are open during the school year and summer. They also provide transportation services for families.

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Families with children in foster care, expectant parents, and children who are experiencing homelessness are all eligible for Head Start services. In addition, children from American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) communities, children from federally recognized tribes, and children who speak a language other than English at home are all welcome.


Reasons to give your child kindergarten education

Having your child in kindergarten will help him or her develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills that will prepare him or her for future education. This stage of childhood is vital to the development of children and is one of the most important transitions.

Kindergarten programs provide a high-quality learning environment for children. This includes activities that will promote vocabulary, number recognition, letter sounds, and math skills. This will prepare your child for future education and will also teach self-care and independence. The activities are designed to engage your child’s imagination and creativity. The teachers use hands-on activities and teachable moments to stimulate your child’s mind.

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The state of Alabama offers a wide variety of resources to help professionals and parents. These include links to websites, professional learning, guidelines for quality early learning programs, and early childhood intervention programs. These resources are also available through a competitive RFP process.

If your child is eligible for special education, the Department of Education will meet with you to develop an Individualized Education Plan. This will include goals for your child that are based on your child’s needs and will provide services to help your child reach these goals.