Choosing the right kindergarten schools in Locust Fork for your child can be a difficult task, and you must do your research and find the best school for your child. Below are two schools that you can check out. These schools are Locust Fork Elementary and Locust Fork Baptist Pre-School.


Locust Fork Baptist Pre-School

Taking your child to a quality preschool or daycare is a great way to make sure that they are getting the best possible care. Not only does a quality program teach them about the various skills they need to develop, but they also get to interact with teachers and other children in a safe and secure environment. These types of experiences have proven results that last into the school years.

Locust Fork Baptist Pre-School & After School is located in Locust Fork, Alabama, and is operated by the Locust Fork Baptist Church. They have been in operation since 1996, and they generate a lot of business. They have been around for a long time, and they have a lot of experience in the field of childcare. They offer classes for children ranging from infants to pre-teens.

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Among the many services they offer, they have some of the most interesting and informative programs for children. They provide before and after-school care, and they also care for children who are too young to attend school. The staff at the Locust Fork Baptist Pre-School is extremely well-trained, and they have a lot of experience. They have an office on Alabama 79, and they are seven miles from downtown Locust Fork.


Locust Fork Elementary

Located at School Road in Locust Fork, AL, Locust Fork Elementary and Kindergarten Schools are public schools that provide K-12 education to students. The school district accepts all students living within its boundaries. The schools have a total enrollment of 491 students. Locust Fork Elementary is rated in the top half of all schools in Alabama for reading proficiency and overall test scores.

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The school district’s minority population is about 8% of the student population. The majority of the student population is Hispanic. Locust Fork Elementary School also has a relatively flat average total spending per student at $8,021.

The school has 31 full-time teachers. The school also employs an instructional aide, Alicia Armstrong Wright. There is also a child nutrition program at the school. The school also provides bus services. There are also several homebound contracts.

The school also contracted with Sloss Furnace for DJ services, as well as Platinum Entertainment for DJ services, and Lauren Wilson for pageant choreography. The school also contracted with Aaron Reynolds for an author visit on March 4.

Locust Fork Elementary and Kindergarten schools in Locust Fork, Alabama offer a safe Christian environment for students to develop socially and intellectually. The school also seeks to work with parents and guardians to provide a nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

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Things to know before sending your child to Kindergarten Schools in Locust Fork

Fortunately, the Locust Fork Alabama schools are in relatively good shape. The most recent statistics show that the student body is composed of 491 students, a ratio of approximately 78.81% white, 16.5% black, 1.95% Asian, and a mere 0.77% Hispanic. The numbers are down a bit from the previous year, but the school is still doing a good job of educating the future workforce. The student body is made up of a good mix of students with an average age of approximately seven years old. The school has a well-deserved reputation for educating the next generation. The school has a robust arts program with several programs for students who are interested in becoming a musician or dancers. The school is also home to several scout troops and a handful of clubs and organizations.