Choosing kindergarten schools in Hayneville is something that will be a big decision for you, especially if you are sending your child to school for the first time. You may be worried that your child will not be ready, or that your child will not be able to fit in with other children in the class.


Central Elementary School

Located in the heart of south Alabama, Central Elementary School boasts 13.6 full-time teachers, a state-of-the-art facility, and is one of the best kindergarten schools in Hayneville. The school is home to more than 2,800 students ranging in age from four to twelve. With the average student being about ten years old, the school serves as a haven for young students and parents alike. The school is also home to one of the state’s top-performing art departments, as well as an exemplary student body.

As a bonus, the school also provides a state-of-the-art library with over 30,000 books. The school also provides a variety of programs for students with disabilities. A variety of extracurricular activities are also offered for students to choose from. The school also has an impressive list of accolades to its name, including a National Blue Ribbon School designation. The school also boasts one of the lowest suspension rates in the state. The school has also benefited from a host of community sponsors, including the Hayneville Chamber of Commerce and the Hayneville Rotary Club. Among the accolades are several awards recognizing student achievement and teachers’ performances. The school’s track record also includes several honors for achieving high marks in academic achievement, attendance, and test scores.

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Jackson Steele Elementary School

Located in Hayneville, Alabama, Jackson Steele Elementary School offers K-12 education at a budget-friendly price. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the school’s per-pupil cost is about $13,772 per year. The school’s total enrollment is 118 students. The school’s impressive technology infrastructure has been lauded in its own right. The school’s website carries several nifty links spanning its parent company, the Lowndes County School District.

The school’s student-teacher ratio is a whopping 16 to 1, making it an attractive place to send your child. The school’s student population is diverse, including a fair share of minority and ELL students. The school has the laudable audacity to offer a free breakfast for all students, a feat that has eluded many schools in the past. The school’s sports programs have garnered attention in the local papers. It’s not hard to see why, with a student body that includes athletes from local colleges and universities. The school’s athletic programs include an official football team and a varsity basketball team. The school’s facilities include a fitness center, an auxiliary gym, and a full-fledged dance studio. The school’s athletic programs also include a variety of after-school activities, including a student-athlete-led choir, a school band, and a student government organization.

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When to send your child to kindergarten

Generally, children in Hayneville Alabama who are at least five years old by September 1 are eligible for public kindergarten. However, there are some exceptions. You will need to check with your local school district to find out more information. To be eligible for public kindergarten, your child must have turned five on or before September 1. In addition, you need to provide two proofs of residence. These can be a tax return or a utility bill. These documents must include a physical address. You can also provide a deed, rental agreement, or cable/TV bill.

You also need to provide a certified birth certificate. You may also provide an Alabama Certificate of Immunization, also known as a “blue card.” You can get this certificate from a family doctor or pediatrician. You must also provide a social security number.

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The age requirement for kindergarten in Alabama is set by state law. A child must be at least four years old before the school year begins. However, some children may opt to start earlier. You may also opt to enroll your child in early intervention programs. These programs work to ensure a smooth transition into kindergarten.

You can also choose to enroll your child in a private kindergarten. You can also opt to homeschool your child. These options are based on the needs and want of your family. However, in many cases, it is best to enroll your child in public kindergarten.