Having a child is one of the biggest investments that you can make, and one of the most important ones is choosing good kindergarten schools in Grand Bay. You want your child to learn and grow up healthy and happy, and you want to make sure that the school that you choose is a good fit for them.


Cora Castlen Elementary School

Located in Grand Bay Alabama, Cora Castlen Elementary School is part of Mobile County Public Schools. The school serves 439 students in grades Pre-K-5. The school is ranked as a top school in the state of Alabama for overall test scores and reading proficiency.

The school is above average for student achievement in reading and math and has a student-teacher ratio of 18:1. Teachers at the school have had 158 projects funded through DonorsChoose, the world’s most trusted classroom funding website. The school is also rated highly by GreatSchools, a national school rating site that uses test scores and other indicators to determine a school’s quality. The school’s overall rating is based on test scores, college readiness, and other quality indicators. The school also has a high rating for its students’ social-emotional development.

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Cora Castlen Elementary School has been recognized for its positive school climate, with a high percentage of parents stating that they feel their children are safe. The school also has a strong emphasis on conservation, as students planted pine brush needles at the Grand Bay Reserve. The school also has an Honor Roll program, where students receive certificates for receiving high honors. During the Honors Day celebration, representatives from Alabama Power visited the school to share refreshments with students.


Breitling Elementary School

Located in Grand Bay, Alabama, Breitling Elementary School is home to 533 students in grades prekindergarten to five. The school is a public, state-run facility that also serves as an alternative school for students who may not be ready to attend public school. The school has a student: teacher ratio of 19:1, which is a bit higher than the state average of 17:1. The school also had a notable accomplishment in its yearly food drive, which collected 2,600 food items, which helped some of the area’s less fortunate.

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In addition to its food drive, Breitling also held an elementary school competition, where teams of students competed in a variety of games. The competition was a success, with the team winning first place overall at the South’s BEST Robotics Championship in Auburn. In addition, the school donated a food pantry to Citizens for a Better Grand Bay. The school also boasted an impressive graduation rate of 44.7%, which is higher than the national average of 26.9%. This school is a great example of what public education is all about. This school is proud to continue the tradition of serving the community by ensuring that its students are prepared for life in the real world.