Choosing kindergarten schools in Fyffe is a big decision. Many parents are uncertain about what the best school is for their child, or if they even should send their child to kindergarten at all. So, to help you make the best choice, we’ve compiled a list of the top 2 kindergarten schools in Fyffe, Alabama.


Fyffe Head Start

Located in Fyffe, Alabama, Fyffe Head Start is a worthy contender to its de facto neighbor, Community Action Partnership of North Alabama, which is also currently accepting applications for its preschool Head Start program in Haleyville. In addition to providing free preschool services to eligible children, CAPP also supports local families with housing, employment, and health services. The CAPP is a nonprofit organization that has been serving local families since 1999.

The organization has a plethora of programs including its free Early Head Start program for children ages birth to 3 years old and its Pre-Kindergarten program for children ages four and five. It’s also a member of the Community Action Partnership of North Alabama which focuses on providing services to families that have been evicted from their homes, are homeless, or are receiving public assistance. The organization also has a robust home visiting program to serve children in need. A good place to start is by calling its phone number to see if any slots are available for your child. It’s also worth noting that the organization is a teacher-founded nonprofit that has garnered the respect of teachers across the country. The organization’s website has a wealth of information including contact information for current program directors, volunteers, and community liaisons.

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Fyffe Elementary School

Among the top kindergarten schools in Fyffe Alabama, Fyffe Elementary School has a lot to offer. It is located in Fyffe, AL, and has 921 students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12. It’s one of the few public schools in Fyffe that offers the option of homeschooling. In addition to its excellent academic performance, the school also offers an extensive arts program. It is also one of the most affordable schools in the state. Besides a stellar art program, Fyffe Elementary School is also one of the few schools in Fyffe that offers a comprehensive pre-kindergarten program.

The best part about the school’s Pre-Kindergarten program is that it encourages teachers to adopt child-centered instructional practices. This helps children develop good habits early on and prepare them for a successful transition to kindergarten. The program also helps students become more self-confident. The program offers 119 lottery-funded Georgia Pre-Kindergarten Program classes. The program is governed by Bright from the Start and is partially funded by PDGB5 federal funds.

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The top-notch Pre-Kindergarten program at Fyffe Elementary School is one of the best in the state. Teachers in the program encourage children to develop good habits and learn how to become independent. It also helps children become more socially and physically ready for kindergarten.


Why should you send your child to kindergarten?

Getting your child ready for kindergarten is one of the most important transitions a child can go through. It can help lay the foundation for success in school later on.

One of the first steps in this process is getting in touch with the Department of Education to find out if your child needs special education services. The DOE will assess your child and send you a Notice of Recommendation. This will explain what is involved in developing an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for your child.

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The IEP team will discuss the child’s learning needs and set goals for him or her. The team will then decide on the services the child will need to reach those goals. You will be notified five days before the IEP meeting. You may be required to provide medical forms before the meeting.

You will receive a brochure from the ISD explaining your rights. Be sure to have contact information for the school and emergency contacts at home in your child’s backpack.

Your child may also be required to take a kindergarten readiness test. If you are unsure of whether your child is ready for kindergarten, you can contact the school district and ask to schedule a visit. Some schools offer before- and after-school child care for kindergartners. Typically, this costs more.