Choosing the best kindergarten schools in Eclectic for your child is a very important decision. With so many schools in Eclectic Alabama, it can be hard to find the right one.


Eclectic Head Start Center

Considering the competition, it’s no surprise that the Eclectic Head Start Center is one of the best. The center boasts a low student-to-teacher ratio and a well-funded library with over 20 computers devoted to science, engineering, and technology. The center also has the aforementioned First Class Pre-K program which is a good thing for a town whose economy is awash in oil and gas. The First Class Pre-K program has also been recognized as one of the top five early learning programs in the nation. The best part is the center is a free and open-door community.

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Eclectic Elementary School

Founded in 1997, Eclectic Elementary School is a progressive school in Elmore County, Alabama. This school has a diverse group of students who are taught to be responsible, respectful, and active members of the community. It remains true to its founding values and the values of America.

Students in elementary school take core courses and develop their vocabulary, writing, and other skills. Elementary school students have a choice of studying a foreign language. The school offers Chinese and Spanish in grades pre-kindergarten through twelfth.

The school also has a strong science program. Students participate in nature walks, walks on nature trails, and age-appropriate experiments. Students are also encouraged to work on self-devised projects.

Students also have opportunities to take part in competitive athletics. The school has lacrosse, archery, flag football, cheerleading, and tennis. Students are also given a field day every year.

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The school has a full-time technology coordinator. Students are encouraged to use technology in all subjects. The school has smart boards, MacBook Air laptops, and iPads.

The school also has an extended day program that offers enrichment before and after school. Students are encouraged to participate in science, math, and social science competitions. They are also given one after-school hour to work in a study hall. The school has an outdoor garden and an indoor garden. Students are also encouraged to plant and harvest plants.