Choosing kindergarten schools in Double Springs, Alabama is a big decision, so it’s important to take your time and research your options. There are several preschools and daycares in the area, and you’ll want to make sure you find the right one for your child.


Double Springs Elementary School

Despite having a 14% decline in its student population over the last five years, Double Springs Elementary School has stayed relatively flat in terms of the teacher population. This school employs 20.5 full-time teachers. During the school year, the school spends $10,295 per student.

However, Double Springs Elementary School is ranked in the bottom 50% of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores and reading proficiency. It also places in the bottom 50% for math proficiency. While this school has a 4% minority enrollment, the student population is 47% black. The average for the state is 47% black. As a result, Double Springs Elementary School has a lower percentage of black students than the state average. The school also spends less per student than 2 other elementary schools in Winston County School District.

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The school also plans to implement an extended school year next summer. This would allow one-fourth of the total student enrollment to attend school on vacation at any time. However, the school year was delayed six days because of a hurricane in 1950.

Many school districts have only one school, such as Double Springs Elementary School. To find out which school is right for you, contact the Family Welcome Center.


Double Springs Headstart

Providing early education and care for young children, the Double Springs Headstart Kindergarten School is a facility in the state of Alabama. It provides several resources, such as before and after-school care, to help children reach their full potential. It is located at Old School Road in Double Springs, AL. There are also six daycares in the area, all within thirteen miles of Double Springs Head Start.

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The state of Alabama is slated to expand its prekindergarten program by more than a hundred classrooms for the upcoming school year. This program is being administered by the Alabama Department of Children’s Affairs, which also manages the Office of School Readiness. This program serves 7,400 four-year-olds next year.