Taking your child to kindergarten can be a very exciting time in your child’s life. It’s a time when they’ll make many new friends and learn many new things. However, you will need to make sure that you’re choosing a school that’s right for your child. Here are 2 Kindergarten Schools in Cleveland that we recommend.


Cleveland Elementary School

Located in the city of Cleveland, Alabama, Cleveland Elementary School has 501 students enrolled in grades Prekindergarten to 6. The school boasts the smallest per-student spending of all schools in the Blount County School District. Its most impressive accomplishments include a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1 and an overall test score ranking in the top 50 of all schools in Alabama.

The school also has a pretty impressive diversity score. Cleveland Elementary School ranks within the top 50 of all schools in Alabama for the number of students of color that attend the school. It is also the only school in the district to earn a Golden Apple award for its outstanding teaching. Despite its low numbers, the school can offer students a well-rounded education with programs such as the Global Voices Program. The program teaches students about the art of performance, ear training, vocal exercises, and other fun and exciting musical activities.

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Cleveland Elementary School has also been awarded the honor of being named one of the top four kindergarten schools in Cleveland Alabama for overall test scores, as well as an overall student-to-teacher ratio. The school also has a plethora of programs that help students learn to read, write, and spell, as well as learn about different cultures and traditions.


Blount County Multi-Needs Center

Located in Cleveland, Alabama, Blount County Learning Center (BCLC) is part of the Blount County School District. It has an enrollment of approximately 100 students and serves students from pre-K through 21. BCLC offers traditional learning, as well as adaptive learning. Teachers teach math, reading, and life skills. They also use touchscreen televisions, stationary bicycles, and colorful artwork to create a learning environment that is both fun and exciting.

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BCLC is located on a campus that is also home to Cleveland Elementary and High School. The hallways are filled with bright murals, artwork, and familiar smells during the school year. The hallways are also used for student activities such as field trips, sports, and assemblies. Several computer labs are available for students to access high-speed Internet. The computer labs provide seamless integration of technology into the learning experience.

Blount County Schools have a mission to provide high-quality instruction, mutual respect, and positive relationships to all students. Blount County Schools will increase early literacy achievement by two percent each year, culminating in 96% of students at grade level or above. Blount County Schools will increase the percentage of third through fifth-grade students scoring on track by ten percent each year. They will also increase the percentage of third through fifth-grade students at or above grade level in literacy by ten percent each year.

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Resources necessary for kindergarten students

Having a child in kindergarten is a big deal, especially when you consider that research indicates that many Alabama youngsters will enter the program at a disadvantage. The ADECE has taken a proactive approach to prevent these problems by promoting the early learning aficionado.

One of the most important steps is to provide the kindergarten teacher with the tools to educate students in the early years. The ADECE has selected a vendor based on a competitive RFP process. The company will provide the supplies and training for the above-mentioned. ADECE has also been awarded a contract to administer the state’s Kindergarten Entry Assessment. Among other things, this program will identify students who have a learning need. A full-day kindergarten program also helps reduce the risk of school failure.