Choosing a kindergarten school is a very important decision for parents and their children. You want to ensure that the kindergarten you choose will provide a fun and safe environment for your child to grow into. However, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. This article will help you by providing you with a list of the top two kindergarten schools in Chelsea, Alabama.


Chelsea Park Elementary School

Located in Chelsea, Alabama, Chelsea Park Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The school’s average total spent per student is $8,957. The school is also home to 53 full-time teachers.

The school’s student/teacher ratio is 18.4:1. The school boasts one of the lowest suspension rates in the district. The school has also achieved one of the highest percentages of students earning proficiency in reading and language arts. The school also placed in the top 20% of all Alabama schools for math proficiency. The school also boasts one of the highest percentages of minority enrollment in the district at 22%.

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The school’s early learning center has special education programs, Learning Centers, and weekly art and physical education classes. The school’s student population has been relatively stable over the past five years. The school’s most unique attribute is its impressive student/teacher ratio. The school has received several awards and accolades for its student/teacher ratio.


Forest Oaks Elementary School

Located in Chelsea, Alabama, Forest Oaks Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade. This facility has a student population of 669 and 40 teachers full time. It has 50 classrooms and a 5,200-square-foot cafeteria. It also has a library, a separate media center, and a regulation-size basketball court.

This facility also features a modern kitchen and a state-of-the-art sound system. It also has 32 computers, ample storage, and occupancy sensor light switches. It also has an art and music room. This school is warm and friendly.

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It also features a 7,600-square-foot gymnasium. It has a large corridor called “The Runway” that helps children find their way to exits. It has a controlled-access entry and is the only elementary school in the area with a regulation-size gym. The media center has a carpet that is perfect for story time for younger classes. It also features a built-in projector screen.