If you’re looking for good kindergarten schools in Bridgeport, Alabama, there are many options to choose from. It’s important to look at the different options available to make sure you choose the best one for your child. Here are some of the best options in Bridgeport.


Wonderland Kindergarten

Located at 820 Diamond Avenue in Bridgeport, Alabama, Wonderland Kindergarten is a place for pre-schoolers and their parents to get a head start on the school year. Featuring a team of seven teachers, Wonderland Kindergarten offers a plethora of activities to get kids learning and having fun. The staff at Wonderland Kindergarten in Bridgeport, Alabama is committed to helping students build the foundations for a lifetime of learning. The educational establishment operates under COVID guidelines.

The name of the company is not entirely clear, but it is known that the school is operated by Paul Payne, a native New Yorker who has a local business in Bridgeport. This company has been around for over a year and has a staff of seven. It has annual sales of 140,018. The company also has the distinction of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce in the area. It has also won many accolades including a citation for the best kindergarten in Bridgeport.

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The company’s website also boasts of several other achievements including the number of students it has had since it opened in 2010. While the company’s annual sales may not be as impressive as other schools in the area, it has garnered a great deal of attention for its plethora of activities and programs that are geared toward helping students learn and have fun.


Bridgeport Elementary School

Located in Bridgeport, Alabama, Bridgeport Elementary School is a kindergarten through fourth-grade public school. The school is part of the Jackson County District. Bridgeport Elementary School is a good choice for families looking for an excellent choice for their child’s education.

Bridgeport Elementary School was ranked in the top 30% of all schools in Alabama for overall test scores and reading proficiency. It has a “B” rating, which is considered very good on a national level. The school has an excellent staff, and parents should be very pleased with their children’s education.

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Bridgeport Elementary School has a student-to-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. The school has a strong focus on academics, and it offers AP classes. The school also has dual credit classes, which allow students to earn college credit while still in high school. The school has good attendance rates and graduation rates and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Bridgeport Elementary School has a diverse student population, and its minority students make up 25% of the school’s population. The school is also very inclusive, and parents are welcome to visit at any time. The school has a strong focus on communication, and parents are encouraged to keep in touch with the school through the school’s newsletters, email, and teacher/classroom blogs.