Choosing the right kindergarten schools in Brantley, Alabama can be a tough task. However, by evaluating the school’s accreditation and reputation, you can help ensure that your child receives a solid education from one of the top kindergarten schools in the state.


Kids Declaring Christ Daycare

Amongst the myriad daycare centers and nanny services that call the mid-south metroplex home, there is one that deserves the award for being the best of the lot. Kids Declaring Christ Daycare is a high-end daycare facility that caters to the socially social child in a variety of guises. For starters, the facility offers a full-time nanny service that boasts an exemplary staff-to-child ratio. For more seasoned nannies, Kids Declaring Christ Daycare offers several programs that cater to children of all ages. Moreover, Kids Declaring Christ Daycare is located in the middle of a suburb known for its posh dining and entertainment options.


Brantley High School

Located in Brantley, Alabama, Brantley High School is a public high school that serves grades PK-12. This school is also part of the Crenshaw County School District. Aside from its voluminous library, this school also boasts a media center and an English as a Second Language department.

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The school has a student body of 541. There are 13 full-time teachers. The school has a student body of 33% minority students. The school spends $10,642 on a per-student basis. Aside from its high academics, the school is also known for its stellar athletic programs. In the past two seasons, the team advanced to the Class 1A semifinals. Its football program is a hotbed of competition, with three teams in the top 10 in the state of Alabama. The most recent season saw the team score a school-record 106 points in its opening three games.

The school’s sports program also has the distinction of boasting the top-ranking Class 1A team in the state. This past season, the aforementioned 106 points were enough to put the team into the state playoffs. The school’s football program is a top-notch group, as evidenced by the fact that it logged more than 110 tackles last season. The school also has a team of guidance counselors, which has been named one of the top 25 high schools in Alabama.

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Reasons to give your child kindergarten education

Despite being one of the smallest public schools in the state, Brantley, Alabama is considered to have one of the highest-ranked public schools in the state. The public school rankings are based on the combined math and reading proficiency test scores of students. In addition to a ranked ranking, Brantley is also home to one of the top public high schools in the state.

In addition to having the highest-ranked public school in the state, Brantley, Alabama has the highest concentration of top-rated public schools in the state. Brantley High School is home to 670 students and Dozier High School is home to 278 students.

Brantley is located in a higher-density area of the state, but Dozier is located in a less-dense area. As a result, Dozier has a lower enrollment. A small enrollment means that teacher salaries at Dozier are higher.

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The combined enrollment of Dozier and Brantley was 718 students in the 1991-92 school year. This was the lowest student population in Dozier’s history. The Board of Education considered whether or not to close Dozier. The plaintiffs argue that closing Dozier would place a disproportionate burden on black students.

The plaintiffs also argued that transferring Dozier students to Brantley would severely affect their ability to participate in extracurricular activities. They also argued that transferring students to Brantley would impede their close interpersonal relationships with other students at Dozier.