There are some tips on summer homeschooling in Serpentine that you need to know. Read on to learn more about registering, activities, and avoiding school socialisation. You will also learn about the different programs offered in the area.


The legality of summer homeschooling in Serpentine

Homeschooling is perfectly legal in Australia. However, there are some rules that you must follow. To start homeschooling, you need to apply for an exemption from the school system. This can be done online. You will need to fill out an application form with some information about the homeschooling program and curriculum you intend to follow. It is also essential that you detail the way you will assess your children and their social interaction.

If you are planning on homeschooling your children over the summer in Western Australia, it is important to understand the requirements for registration. First of all, you must be a permanent resident of Western Australia. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enrol your children in homeschooling programs.

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Second, you need to follow the WA curriculum. The Western Australian curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum. Using the same curriculum does not mean that you should strictly follow the curriculum, but you should make sure your child gets a good education.


Registration process

There are a few steps that you can take to register your child for summer homeschooling in Serpentine. The first step is to make sure that you follow the guidelines for home educators. You will need to provide documentation showing progress and success, and the moderator will assess your educational plan and progress against the curriculum framework.

The second step is to submit your application. After you’ve filled out the application form, you must provide the required documents, including a HESP and a copy of your child’s identification documents. Once you’ve submitted these documents, you must attend a meeting with an Authorised Person to go over the educational plan and materials with them. This meeting can be done through videoconference, if necessary.

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Once your child has met the criteria, you must then register for a home education program. The program accepts children between 5.5 and 17 years old. To register, you must fill out an application form and provide a plan for the year. You’ll also need to provide your child’s identification and a certified Statutory Declaration. You can also request to attend a workshop to learn about the planning process and theme.



Homeschoolers in Perth and the surrounding suburbs can enjoy affordable activities and classes offered by the Homeschool Support Group in Serpentine. The group meets at the Warnboro Community Church and the Baldivis Recreation Centre. It is officially registered and has public liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

The group offers catch-ups for parents and kids of all ages. These gatherings will occur fortnightly on Monday mornings. Most of these meetings will take place in the Swan area, but some will venture outside of the city. Homeschoolers can join the group and post information about meetups. In addition, unschoolers can form a group to meet up with homeschoolers and foster a sense of community.

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The group is open to all homeschooling parents in Western Australia, including those in Perth. Its members can share ideas and challenges. The group can also help parents organise excursions and classes in the area.


Avoiding school socialisation

Avoiding school socialisation is not easy for all children. It’s a process that takes time and commitment. Fortunately, there are many ways to help your child succeed in the education process. In Western Australia, the Department of Education has many provisions that assist homeschoolers.

One of these is joining a local homeschooling group. Narrogin is homeschooling, and they have formed a group with 26 members. The group offers support and mentorship. By becoming a member of a homeschooling group, you can provide your child with the socialisation they need without feeling left out.