If you’re planning to homeschool your kids this summer, there are several tips for summer homeschooling in Penguin you need to keep in mind. First of all, you don’t need to schedule 6+ hours of study time a day, and you won’t be rushing around like a crazy person. Second, you don’t need to work harder than your kids. Socialisation shouldn’t be a problem if you’re homeschooling.



Summer homeschooling in Penguin programs is different from the traditional curriculum you may use during the school year. While you can still incorporate educational elements into your curriculum, a summer homeschool curriculum should be flexible enough to allow your child the time to play and explore without being distracted. Undirected play can be one of the most powerful ways for your child to learn.

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Avoiding socialisation

Socialisation is a process by which people learn to fit in with society’s norms and expectations. It can also involve the development of social skills, such as empathy, cooperation, negotiation, and perspective-taking. While these skills are vital for human interactions, many schools struggle to teach them. Fortunately, there are many homeschooling opportunities where you can teach your child social skills without fear of socialisation.