The summer break is a time for vacations, camping, and reading good books but if you decide to homeschool, there are several tips for summer homeschooling in Dodges Ferry. Even if you can’t attend a traditional school during this time, you can incorporate homeschooling into your vacation plans. During the summer, you can enrol your children in Continuing Education classes, or take advantage of a variety of summer homeschooling programs.


Best practices for summer homeschooling in Dodges Ferry, Tasmania 

One of the best times to homeschool is during the holidays, especially when you can take your children on field trips. These are also great times to discuss homemaking skills, gratitude and manners and dig deeper into God’s word.


Take a break from homeschooling

Summer is officially here, and traditional schools are celebrating their last days of the school year. Beach traffic is backed up and parents are scrambling to find summer activities and care for their children. Homeschoolers are also faced with the decision of whether to take a break or continue homeschooling.

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Many homeschoolers plan their schedules, deciding when to take breaks. Choosing a time for a break can help relieve stress and give you time for personal time. It also gives you and your child a chance to socialize with other children. Some homeschooling parents also join a sports team or attend church. Local libraries also offer activities for children.


Continuing education classes

If you are interested in summer homeschooling in Dodges Ferry for your children, you can join one of the many local homeschool groups in Dodges Ferry, Tasmania. The Southern Beaches Homeschoolers group meets on the second Tuesday of every month in Dodges Ferry and welcomes families from any homeschooling area. There is also the Circular Head Homeschoolers group, which meets fortnightly in Stanley. And if you want to meet other homeschoolers in the area, the Launceston Homeschooling group meets on Wednesdays in Launceston.

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