There are four essential tips for summer homeschooling in Bendigo. They are to take a break, make math and reading fun, connect with other homeschoolers, and protect themselves from dangerous situations. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most of your summer.


Take a break from homeschooling

Homeschoolers in Victoria have an opportunity to meet other homeschooling families and share information. While other states put the state’s duty ahead of the rights of parents, Victoria recognizes the parent’s right to decide what his or her child learns. One such group in Victoria is the Alternative Education Resource Group or Home Education Network.

Victoria Bradley was a sixth-grader who had attended five schools. She had a hard time in school, and she and her mother Bernita Bradley discussed homeschooling. The idea didn’t come to them until Victoria was troubled in school. Then, Bernita Bradley went to the principal and complained about the behaviour of her child’s teacher. The principal told her to consider doing an AmeriCorps program in the school, so she took a break from her hair salon and started community outreach and parent meetings.

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Homeschooling parents can also take a break from the routine of homeschooling during the summer. The unscheduled breaks may give them some much-needed motivation. They can do activities like exploring nature, playing with puzzles, visiting libraries, and learning more about their city. Homeschooling is a great way to give your child the opportunity to grow in a loving environment.


Make math and reading fun throughout the summer

If your child loves reading and math, you can make it fun throughout the summer by incorporating activities related to food and science. You can also do science experiments and read books aloud. This way, your child will be more interested in learning.


Connect with other homeschoolers

Connect with other homeschoolers during the summer months by joining the Bendigo Homeschoolers Association. This group provides support for homeschooling families and is a good resource for ideas, tips, and activities. Members can share information and ideas, arrange social events, and organize outings.

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Depending on your age, there are also local meet-ups where you can share ideas with other homeschoolers. You can also attend homeschooling incursions organized by the Wandi Progress Association, which take place every fortnight. These incursions usually include lunch and play in the park. The group also hosts social get-togethers, including a regular playdate.

Another way to connect with other homeschoolers during summer homeschooling in Bendigo, Victoria is by joining a local Facebook group. These groups are typically free and the best place to meet other homeschoolers in your area. However, some groups are smaller and have specific requirements, so they may be less active. Check the status of each group to see if it is open to new members.


Protect yourself from dangerous situations

If you are summer homeschooling in Bendigo, Victoria, there are a few ways you can protect yourself. The Home Education Network in Victoria has set up a Facebook group for Victorian home educators. The group is geared towards families with at least one child between the ages of 12 and 18. Members can share ideas and resources, discuss further education options, and form social connections for their teens. HEN also maintains a private Facebook group for members only.

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Victoria attended five schools before being enrolled in a homeschooling program. She had to go to kindergarten, second grade, and eighth grade and was reprimanded for her blue braids. She had trouble concentrating on her assignments, so her mother decided to homeschool her daughter. This was a good choice for Victoria because she would learn at her own pace. Her mother, Bernita, worked as a substitute teacher at University Prep School charter. But while a homeschooling program could provide her daughter with a better education, it was not for her because she was a single mom.