When it comes to the best kindergarten furniture in Australia, there are some excellent choices. These companies include Kinder Design, Incy Interiors, Koskela Learn, and BFX. All offer high-quality and fun designs for children. These products are ideal for daycare centres, preschools, and homes in Australia. Read on for more information about these companies and their quality products. You can be confident that these products will meet your child’s needs, and they are sure to impress parents.


Kinder Design

Kinder Design has a large collection of furniture for children that have been made to be safe for use by children. Many of its pieces are certified for quality by German TUV and ISO 9001. They are ideal for use in preschools, daycare centres, and homes across Australia. If you’re in the market for some furniture for your little one, you should check out Kinder Design today.

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Kinder Design furniture Australia is available at FDO, the largest direct factory outlet for kids’ furniture in Sydney. Its products range from bunk beds and safe bedroom sets to novelty furnishings, as well as eco-friendly options.


Incy Interiors

Incy Interiors is a family-owned business which supplies Australian-made kindergarten furniture and equipment. It was established in 1992 by Cyril and Anna Lutchner. Their goal was to provide quality Australian-made equipment and furniture for kindergartens. Today, they have a large selection of preschool furniture and equipment for purchase online or through their showroom.

Incy Interiors offers a range of designer kids’ furniture that is functional and attractive. The products range from cots and chairs to changing tables and bookcases. In addition to offering a range of kindergarten furniture, Incy also stocks a range of accessories such as chairs and play tables and chair sets.

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Koskela Learn

If you’re looking for eco-friendly furniture, then the Koskela Learn range is for you. Made in Australia, Koskela focuses on ethical production and sustainable design. They also incorporate indigenous Australian themes in their designs. The range consists of senior and junior models, and they’re easy to assemble.

Koskela’s sustainable manufacturing practices have made it one of the leading names in the furniture industry. Many of their products are GECA-certified, which means they have reduced their environmental impact and contributed to various environmental project schemes.



BFX furniture is one of Australia’s leading office and school furniture manufacturers. Their products are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. Every detail is carefully considered during the manufacturing process. Additionally, BFX furniture takes great care when handling and delivering products to ensure their safety. Furthermore, the company is committed to producing eco-friendly products. Their designers work closely with other members of the community to ensure the durability and sustainability of their products.

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BFX Furniture undergoes rigorous testing for durability, strength and stability. This ensures that BFX kindergarten furniture is strong and long-lasting. Its products are also made of non-toxic materials.


Hip Kids

The hip and funky Hip Kids kindergarten furniture collection are designed by parents for kids. These pieces are sourced from around the world and offer great quality and affordable prices. Hip Kids also offers great customer service and guarantees their products are safe and durable. You can browse their entire collection on their website or shop in person at one of their showrooms.