Summer homeschooling in Scottsdale is a great way to give your child a variety of opportunities and freedoms not found in a traditional school environment. While children thrive on routine, it’s important to provide your child with plenty of free time to play, explore, and move. Unstructured time helps children make the deepest connections.


Work comes before play

Play helps children develop several skills needed for academic success. It also helps them stretch their imaginations and creative muscles and allows them to take on a variety of roles, including that of leader. Play is also a great way to relieve excess energy. As a homeschooling parent, you may feel tempted to cram every available free moment with structured activities. However, this is a mistake that you should resist.


Freedom to take breaks

One of the best things about summer homeschooling in Scottsdale is the freedom to take breaks. These breaks provide your child with memories, reinforce your family’s love, and create learning opportunities. Children don’t learn linearly; some need breaks from a rigorous curriculum, while others may need a break from their usual routine. Taking breaks from the curricular plan also allows children to review material and develop their confidence.

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Freedom to take field trips

One of the best ways to make learning more fun is to incorporate field trips. Unlike traditional school trips, field trips allow your child to use their senses to learn. They also tend to remember more information from an experience. Plus, field trips can be a great reward for hard work.

Whether you’re in Scottsdale or another city, field trips can be a fun and educational way for your kids to learn more about their extracurricular interests. Moreover, field trips don’t have to be expensive. With a little creativity, you can transform any location into an educational experience. While most field trip ideas can be accomplished in your hometown community, some are better suited for larger organized homeschooling groups. In these cases, it’s important to consider the location and the time involved.

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Generally, field trip destinations are large and have established websites and email newsletters. They’re also known to offer special events, bargain days, and new exhibits. It’s a good idea to plan a field trip, so you can prepare all of the necessary details.



When summer homeschooling in Scottsdale, you can choose to be hands-on or encourage independence through independent learning. Young children often struggle with new tasks, and you may want to be there to help them if they are having trouble. However, you should not pressure them to succeed if they aren’t doing it on their own. Instead, praise them and let them know they can do it if they put in the effort.