Summer homeschooling in Port Sorell is a great way to keep skills sharp. Although a summer schedule is often more laid back and less structured, incorporating learning activities into your routine will keep your child’s skills sharp and their minds active. Developing good routines takes work, but it will pay off in the long run.


Structured learning time

A great way to get through the summer is to set up a light learning schedule. For example, you could devote the month of July to learning botany. Summer is a great time to explore nature trails and take field trips, reinforcing lessons learned during the year.


Fun learning activities

There are many fun learning activities available for homeschooling teens and older children. These include online interactive activities, movies, and hands-on activities. Some sites also offer free printable activities. For example, TeachersPayTeachers offers free printable games and interesting hands-on history projects for older kids. Virtual Field Trips is another website with tons of homeschool activities and live streaming. It also offers resources for arts education and career development.

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Playdough is a fantastic activity to teach children about letters and numbers. Try letter writing with play dough and a marble. Another fun activity is a daily doodle prompt for kids. It is an excellent way to foster fine motor skills and encourage special arts. Other activities include Coding a Lego(r) Maze, which introduces kids to coding. And the CD Spinning Top Craft and Science Project can help kids learn about place values while having fun.

Another option for learning outside the home is visiting a museum or art gallery. These venues are great for all types of students. The art museum is particularly educational for visual learners. Another great option is a science museum, as many different exhibits will inspire and excite your child.


Problems with homeschooling during the typical homeschool year

Many people choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons. Some of them begin by trying to avoid bullying, while others choose to foster strong family relationships. Regardless of the reason, homeschooling allows for more personalised education for your child.

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Homeschooling is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can be a challenging undertaking. Children can become socially isolated and struggle with withdrawal from school, while parents can feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Moreover, some parents find homeschooling is no longer possible because of chronic illness or large family demands. Even older kids may have to put their education on the back burner as they take on additional responsibilities, such as taking care of younger siblings or childcare.

In addition to the lack of motivation that homeschooling can bring, it can also lead to a child pinning over old friends. While homeschooling children can make new friends, nothing can replace the friendships forged during the school years. As a homeschooling parent, it is essential to give your child the chance to interact with other kids in a non-work environment.

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