If you are considering summer homeschooling in Manjimup, there are several places in Western Australia to do so. Narrogin, for example, is home to a homeschooling group called Narrogin Homeschoolers. This group is an excellent resource for parents who wish to share their experiences and learn more about homeschooling.


Summer Homeschooling in Manjimup groups 

If you live in Manjimup, Western Australia, you can take advantage of homeschooling groups to provide a social outlet for your children. You can even find mentors to help you with your educational journey. Visit Homeschooling groups in Australia for information on how to find groups in your area.

The Homeschooling Parents of Children with Disabilities is a support group for parents with children with special needs. The group aims to provide a safe environment for its members. They also plan to use their meetings to share resources from pre-primary to Year 12. The group meets weekly and has a forum for members to share resources and ideas.

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The North of the River Homeschoolers is an inclusive group for families in the Perth area. The group’s activities are geared toward junior primary-aged children, but parents with younger children can also join. It aims to fill a gap in the community for parents of young children. For new families considering homeschooling, this group is the perfect place to meet like-minded people.

In addition to meetings, there are organised incursions and events that parents and children can join. These incursions are designed to engage children in a variety of subjects, including physics, chemistry, engineering, robotics, and more. Many of these events also involve art, literature, history, and other subjects.


Narrogin homeschooling group

Homeschooling groups in Western Australia are a great way to provide your children with a social outlet and mentors to help them with the challenges of homeschooling. You can find information about homeschooling groups in different locations on the website Homeschooling groups in Australia.

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The Narrogin homeschooling group is an ideal place to homeschool during summer in Manjimup. You can meet other homeschooling families and share resources and ideas for the school year. The group is open to families of any age, from pre-primary to Year 12, and they meet regularly to share ideas.